Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The celebrated nexus - Final

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The volunteer, with little exhausting from the continuous flow of words, went on to quote a few verses from the works of the Azhwars to describe the depth of Tamizh used by them. The words of Andal, Thiruppanazhwar and Kulasekarazhwar were neatly broken down to explain how Tamizh got benefited from the avatharam of Azhwars and of course, how the Lord of Thiruvarangam loved the Tamizh of the Azhwars. In the Periazhwarthirumozhi, Periazhwar gets under the sleeve of Yashoda and watched Lord Krishna through her eyes. Many a women come to the house of Yashoda and heap complaints on the mischievous and notorious Krishna for thieving the butter prepared in their houses. Yashoda looks at Krishna and laments that she cannot hear the words of neighbours criticizing Him. When Sri PillaiUrangavillidasar (foremost disciple turned wrestler of Sri Ramanuja) came across this verse, he too couldn’t bear the criticism heaped on Krishna by the vile women (vile!!). In a childlike manner he would say “Which lock did Krishna break? Which gem did he steal? You folks keep whining always! There is so much of butter and so many cows in His own house.  He just inadvertently treads into the house of others and seeing the butter hanging from the top thinks it as His own house. And the little fellow does not know these women can create a storm from a mere breeze!” Such was the love of Periazhwar as Yashoda and Sri Dhanurdasa as Yashoda for Krishna.

The audience applauded both the content and the volunteer who delivered the content effortlessly and with a touch of expertise. In reality, the volunteer has an unflinching love for Tamizh and is in deep pursuit of its study.

It was a very pleasant evening knowing the nexus between the celebrated Lord Ranganatha and the celebrated language Tamizh. Just as ThirumangaiAzhwar joined both palms saluting the Parrot with the words “I benefited by nurturing you”, the Founder Acharya and the other volunteers exclaimed “The world benefited by the Trust nurturing you”.

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