Friday, May 10, 2013

The celebrated nexus - II

Srimathe ramanujaya nama:

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Priya arangan adiyar,

(.... continued)

And then there is this excellent historic event where Kambar, the Lion among Tamil poets, came to Srirangam with him mouth full of Poem and heart full of bhakthi for Emperuman. And standing before the sannidhi of Srirenganachiar, looked over from within the golden manes by Metazhagiyasingar (Narasimhamoorthi) sitting at a great height, Sri Kambar orchestrated the Tamil Ramayanam Ramavatharam, popularly known as Kamba Ramayanam. Thiruvarangam was where the Arangetram (debut on stage) for the Tamil work happened with the Thiruvarangan listening to it. And Kambaramayanam  has been declared the unparalleled work ever and Kambar, the unparalleled poet in the history of Tamizh literature.

Kambar, a very sensitive poet, was a Srivaishnavite in his sensibilities. His work reflects his understanding of Srivaishnavishm. Lord Rama, Seethapiratti and SriLakshmana left Ayodhya to fulfill the boons granted by Dasharatha to the mother of Bharatha. And across the Sarayu, they came across the boatman-hunter Guha and struck an eternal friendship with him. Lord Rama became Guha’s Lord. And while the threesome rested in the shade of Guha, Bharatha and his brother came prancing at a distance like horses in absolute distress. Kambar captures the mood of Guha with so much of beauty that we get transported to the very Sarayu shore. The news of the imminent arrival of Bharatha and Shatrugna makes Guha nervous and scornful. ButGuha reflects on seeing the duo walking towards them “Well... Bharatha looks just like Rama (nambiyum naayakanai okkindraan), the one following his footsteps looks just like Lakshmana (ayal nindran thambiyayum okkindraan thava vedam thalai nindran), the misery in their faces is untold” and then realizing his erroneous train of thought Guha exclaims "Oh! Will the ones born after Lord Rama do any vice?"(emperuman pinpirandaar ezhipparo pizhappendran) and after seeing the interaction of Bharatha with the Lord and witnessing the loads of tears and loads of love showerd on Lord, Guha exclaims “aayiram ramar nin keezhaavaro!” (can 1000 Ramas match you, Bharatha?). This sentence of Guha by Kambar celebrates the divinity and the glory of Bhaagavatas which is the very essence of Srivaishnava sampradaya.

( be continued)

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