Monday, May 20, 2013

The thunderous arrival !

Srimate Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

In the dazzling congregation of Kings and Princes, where the enormity of their crowns overshadowed the enormity of their big masculine faces, where the ornaments and sparkling garments adorning them made the huge mass of lamps and lanterns look like sparks of fire from a matchstick, there sat the young boy in the midst of His Guru and younger brother. But the very look of the eldest son of Dasharatha made brows rise. The Queen and the elderly women liked this young warrior instantaneously. The young women spoke in whispers. The King Janaka had his doubts. One by one, the Kings flexed their muscles to lift the Siva Dhanus. Some fell gracefully, while some with a nasty thud. In all, all the haughty Kings mortgaged their pride and lost it unaware. And as the King Janaka, a worried man, thought it a futile swayamvar of his daughter, the scion of the Surya clan, softly got off His cozy seat and seeking the blessings of His present Guru Vishwamitra, strode towards the centre of the enormously long hall wherein was placed the Bow that made many a kings bow.

Amused were the onlookers, especially the Kings and Princes who felt valour was the virtue of the one with pomp and exhibitionism. But this dark and handsome boy seemed a thorough gentleman. His gestures seemed the definition of civility. His tone was as soft as a mother’s. Though the skin bore enough signs speaking of a recently concluded deadly battle, the pride from victory seemed distant from the eyes. As all the eyes centred on the boy, the cynosure of the King’s eyes, His beautiful daughter, awaited the conclusion of the event with anxiety. And everything happened so suddenly. The boy made it to the centre of the hall and making a cursory glance at the gathering and the King organizing the swayamvar, glanced at the Bow. And in an instant, He picked it up and stuck the string to the string groove effortlessly. A child’s play ,at the speed of lightening. Slowly, it dawned on the gathering that the Young man was victorious where Kings with a repertoire of glossy records had failed miserably. It struck them that someone far younger than them proved valorous. A sun rose in the horizon and now they were aware of it. But this sun was so different. It burnt only when it had to. Otherwise it seemed cooler than moon. And all of them stood up to recognize this fact and respect it.

Lord Rama had arrived, in style.    

To the relief of King Janaka and the limitless Joy of Seetha, the Lord had succeeded. But the Lord was as calm as calmth. Sri Thirumangai azhwar says “ Villirutthu melliyal thol thoyndhai yennum, vehka vil tuyil amarndha vendhe yennum” in his Thirunedunthandakam. “The Lord completed the Siva Dhanus feat, had a dip and out of fatigue sleeps on the Aadisehha in Yatothakari”. Where did the Lord have a dip?  Seetha devi  knew the strength of Lord Rama’s shoulders once she stood witness to swayamvar event. She also knew a few of His virtues when He acted solely under the advice of His Guru. But when the King and the Sage declared marriage for Lord Rama, He stood up and protested. He protested that for marriage to happen, one person had to mandatorily come. King Dasharatha. What virtue! Where can we find someone so devoted to his father? And hearing the Lord speak so, Seetha devi was blown off by this “treasure trove of virtues”. And in an instant, she turned liquid in form ( uruginaal) and the Lord bathed in this liquid Seetha. Out of the fatigue, He now sleeps in Thiruvehka.

And on the arrival of Lord’s father and the whole of their family, the wedding of the Supreme Being as Lord Rama and the Supreme Mother as Seetha Devi took place with the blessings of one and all present there.

With a wish to replicate the celestial marriage of Lord Rama and Seetha Devi on the divine Birthday of the Lord (Ramanavami), a devout aasthika Sri Balaji from Chennai through Smt Pushpalatha Seshadri ( another devout aasthika) called up the Gurukulam and asked if we could put the wish to execution. The children of the Gurukulam are excellent in performing kalyana utsavams. Their involvement in the activity is enormous. And some of the children from Vishakapatnam can perform Seetha Kalyanam very well. Hence, a decision to send 7 children was made and they arrived at Adayar (@ the house of SriBalaji) on the evening prior to SriRaamaNavami. And the Kalyana utsavam was performed for the divya mangala vigrahas of the Lord and Piratti kept for thiruvaradhana at the premises in Adayar. With the celestial tunes from the Vedas and Divya prabandham, the place was electrified with Bhakthi.

The children had their annual exams just a few days ahead of the SriRaamanavami. Yet, they came to Chennai for the Utsavam. The organisers of the Kalyana Utsavam took excellent care of the children and their devotion to Satsampradayam was very evident.

In all, the Divine Couple did feel satisfied that the children and the organizers remembered the Holy Wedding Ceremony that took place @ the Grand Palace of King Janaka.  

For the picture of Lord Rama and His family, click here :

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