Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Retreat in heat.... - Final

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Veedhipradhakshinam and Kollidam cleaning
Kaveri is regarded to be more sacred than the most sacred rivers of this world. It is said that all the other rivers including Ganga come and bathe in Kaveri to ward off their sins. Since the times immemorial, Kaveri has the speciality of embracing Srirangam with her two arms Kaveri and Kollidam. But due to various reasons, the river is subject to lot of pollution in recent times. The width of the flowing river itself has reduced drastically. So there is a desperate need to save this sacred river from the kind of treatment meted out to her. The children at the camp, therefore, came to the banks of Kollidam to clean the river banks. Before arriving at the banks, the children cleansed the streets by chanting the sweet verses of Amalanadhipiran. The cleaning operation took place for a few hours. All plastic items, plastic wrappers and other non degradable waste were removed from the river bed and the waste was collected in huge gunny bags which was appropriately disposed. There were around several kilograms of waste that filled upto twenty gunny bags! But the magnitude of garbage at the river bed was much more than this! That should tell us the magnitude of pollution, the river is subjected to. It was only a humble effort to clean the river but to send in a strong message to the campers and the inhabitants of Srirangam to realize the need to keep the river clean.

Valedictory function
The knowledge we gain becomes useful only when it is put to practice. Indeed, if that knowledge is able to change our way of living and mend our ways accordingly, then the purpose is solved and that is only the true indication of knowledge. But on the lighter side, one would also love to display whatever one has learnt. At this summer spiritual camp, even though the children had taken home a very strong message for their way of life, on a lighter note, they showcased their knowledge as well as talent through various performing arts. On the final day, the children were packed with fun and enthusiasm about their stage performance. Some of them sang, some danced, some enacted a drama and there were even debates on certain philosophical aspects of our Sampradayam. Such performances served the purpose of reinforcing whatever they had learnt during the camp. It also kindled the aesthetic sense in them. Altogether the camp was a great fun for everyone. The program was graced bythe chief guest, Acharya Purushas, kainkaryaparars and the parents. Some parents were so impressed by this camp that they themselves turned into volunteers and assisted in various activities during the camp. Ultimately, anything that comes along with spirituality is only useful and anything that comes with spirituality is joyful. We are awaiting for more such fun in the future.

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