Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lord's guest, Our guest

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The roads were decorated with banners and flags, streets neatly cleaned and decorated with flower petals and colourful kolam/rangoli designs. The sounds of priests chanting Vedas and scholars reading Puranas came floating in the air along with the fragrance of different varieties of fresh flowers gathered by the gardeners. Amidst so much pomp, Lord Rama, Sri Sita and Sri Lakshmana landed at Nandigram to return to Ayodhya.  They were welcomed by soldiers, warriors, ministers, musicians, courtesans, poets, artisans and all other inmates of Ayodhya. The long wait was over. The lengthy exile got ended. Everyone was set to coronate Lord Rama their king. Similarly, in the year 1371, Namperumal completed his exile of five decades (Muslim invasion) and decorated His throne at Srirangam.

However, the infrastructure for performing utsavams and other rituals were still in a poor condition at Srirangam. Then, the kings of the region decided to collect funds and renovate the infrastructure at Srirangam. It took a period of 12 years to complete all these works and start performing utsavams once again. Finally, in the year 1383, during Chithrai month, an auspicious day was fixed and Bramhotsavam was performed. This utsavam was called Viruppan Thirunal and the Chitharai Thiruther was a landmark event. Since then, people from various places flocked to Srirangam to witness this festival every year.

The devotees come every year with a sole objective to witness this grand utsavam of Namperumal. But who will take care of these devotees and provide them food for those who have come from distant places? This year, Srimaan trust got the opportunity of providing hospitality to these devotees who are just like guests attending a function at our home. Gurukulam Taligai Swami with the help of volunteers of Srimaan Trust and children of Gurukulam/Bhattar Kuzham prepared prasadam at Gurukulam itself for these devotees and shared it to everyone. They also offered buttermilk and panakam to everyone in order to beat the heat in the afternoon hours. More than 500 people ate. They were of all age groups and belonged to all the segments of the Hindu Community.

During the day of Chithrai ther, even walking on the streets is a herculean task due to the crowd of devotees moving around the place. On such a day, these volunteers have carried the supplies through the crowded streets and distributed food for all the devotees. In our Sampadayam, Thirumangai azhwar, Koorathazhwan have performed Thadheeyaradhana kainkaryam (offering prasadam for devotees) on a massive scale. It is a privilege that Srimaan trust was also engaged in such a kainkaryam which would have pleased Emperuman and the Poorvacharyas to a great extent.

Find below the link for the snaps of the distribution:


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