Friday, June 14, 2013

No time !! is it?

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,
“There is no time” – is the common refrain of the day.  As we shuffle between our chores and are bent by the weight of expectations, we blame it on time for being unreasonably harsh in the treatment it metes out to us. 
If there were only more time  …
They say that the advancements that are made around us are designed to make easy lives. We are invited to embrace a new world that is far cry from the troubles faced by our ancestors. 
Let us consider some reasonable doubts.  If life just got easier, shouldn’t we be having more time?  Shouldn’t there be lesser things to be worried about?  The reality mocks at our claims of advancement, and ridicules our hurrahs of achievement.
It seems as if we are running very fast chasing a dream, only in the wrong direction.  In the place of simplicity we have complications.  In the place of trust, there is suspicion.  Replacing human effort with machines alone does not seem to have solved our problems.  The reason is we are not machines to have only material requirements.  A car can run by a dosage of fuel.  Life cannot run likewise.  Beyond the experiences received by the senses, there are several emotional, moral, ethical and spiritual requirements without which humanity would be rendered rudderless and lose purpose of existence.
When these requirements are not met, there is chaos and discontent.  People find themselves lost in the myriad of complications surrounding them.  Envisaging these problems, the ancient sages showed the way of a disciplined and moral life with a high spiritual quotient.  They taught us how to deal with the apparently unreasonable treatment encountered by us in our lives.  Their way helped us understand and regard life with a mature mindset.
The most fundamental and celebrated of human ethos is the act of helping.  There is little use of trumpeting about high morals if one cannot lend a helping hand to those in need.  Individuals cannot rise by themselves.  The society has to mature as a whole.
The challenges in today’s world only make this method more attractive.  It is not easy for an individual to engage in spiritual affairs if one’s fellow brethren are lost in trouble. 
Actions, however small, can have a lasting impact and can trigger a change in the society if they are noble and done with good intentions.  To practice, oneself, and to encourage others to follow this path, our Trust, in continuation of its efforts to help those in need, catered to the domestic needs of a very poor family by giving them a grinder. With large family members, the family was is desperate in need of a grinder. Hence,the help. The younger members of this family have taken a deep interest in the activities of the trust.  The help extended by the trust would go a long way in addressing the concerns of the family and enable them to serve the Lord and our society in a more active and productive manner. 
Alone we can do little; together we can do so much more.
The picture taken during this event can be viewed here :

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