Saturday, June 29, 2013

People who matter....

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

With Satvika people around in this world who make us realize the fleeting nature of materialism and its onslaught on our happiness, we lose the basic desire for materialistic things and with loss of this unending desire loop, we lose the uncontrolled raw passion for life, and with the loss of passion, we as an ATMA get to realize the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Satsangathwe nissamgathwam,
Nissamgathwe nirmohathwam,
Nirmohathwe nischala thatwam,
Nischala tathwe jeevan mukthi

 These are the very famous lines from Bhaja Govindam that emphasize the importance of Satsangam in our daily lives. Sathvik people in our lives keep our Blood Pressure and stress at bay too!

Srimaan Trust had long initiated this practice of Satsangam, well known as Srimaan Satsangam. The main aim of this initiative was to get people together on a single spiritual platform. Socializing over Vedam and Divya Prabandham is far more beneficial that over a cup of coffee or tea, is it not?

Koodi irundhaal Kodi Nanmai – A very famous Tamil phrase is on the same lines. The Gurukulam children are the heart of this initiative. They help plan the Satsangam, decide on the veda paraayanam and the activities part of Thirumanjanam to be performed. Prasadams are made with utmost dedication at the Gurukulam and taken for the Satsangam. The deity of the Gurukulam ‘Kasthuri Rangan’ would be dressed for the occasion and taken on the shoulders of the Gurukulam children. At an age when children want branded tee-shirts and branded Jeans and …..everything branded to dress up themselves, the children of the Gurukulam seldom think about what they wear. Their concern is how Kasthuri Rangan would look on the streets.   

This initiative has already gained momentum in and around Srirangam. Bhagavathaas now want the Srimaan Satsangam to be arranged and performed at their respective homes to experience the Spiritual flow in and around them. As part of this ongoing initiative, this time, the Satsangam was arranged at Mrs. Gomathi’s, another Bhagavathaa’s home.

The deity, His Consorts and the children were welcomed with great warmth. The children, with divine energies, got into action from the first minute. Thirumanjanam, Veda Parayanam and Divya prabandham sevai were performed. A whole bhaagavatha crowd gathered at this Sathsangam.

 The main intention and aim of the Satasangam initiative is to gather momentum to walk on the Spiritual thought process. For some, it’s the first kind of experience, for few, it’s a blessing to be part of this regular event, and for the rest, it is the beginning step towards a Spiritual peep into oneself.

 Realizing the ultimate truth is the responsibility of every Atma, of every human being who carries this body as a carrier of Karmas. Such satsangams’ emphasize, add value to this realization within each of us. These get-together’s help become part of a group of people, who have already started their journey spiritually.

We, as spiritual aspirants, need to organize such Satsangams at our houses and also recommend them to those close to us. People with experience know the value of Satsangams and what it can do to one’s life. Let others too experience it.

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