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Self Evaluation....

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Knowledge is gathered from various sources. Consciously or otherwise, we keep learning from the events around us. A man's knowledge is attributed to four sources - 1. the teaching of the preceptor, 2. discussions with classmates, 3. by one's own previous intelligence, and 4. with experience.

The Vedic system greatly values knowledge. Our tradition is endowed with a pantheon of saints and scholars, who were peerless in their understanding of spiritual matters. Their knowledge was immense and all scriptures found the favour of their lips. In contrast to the modern situation today where no one is clear of the implications or the quality of education obtained and knowledge garnered, the traditional methods put a lot of emphasis on the evolution of a mature thought process. We have highly evolved systems of reasoning, logic and grammar which are study with great awe around the world even today. Philosophers engaged in discussions on highly technical issues. People related to their understanding by actual personal experience, that finds expression in much of our theological records. Knowledge has a well defined purpose, both in this life and beyond.

We are also home to the system of rigorous examinations. The purpose of a real examination is not to pronounce victors or losers (as we have it today). It is not a way of grading individuals and setting thresholds for passing the test. It is worth considering the purpose and meaning of these numbers, these tests and the great indian rat race.

A real examination is a one by which one gains a better insight into oneself. It is an invaluable help rendered by the examiner who lets the individual know how well his education has advanced thus far, and what sort of corrective action is required to improve further in the future. In this sense, knowledge can be a purpose unto itself. It has paramount importance. By being tested in different places by different people in different ways, one knows oneself better. The defects are better understood and with serious thought, a way can be evolved to rid oneself of such shortcomings.

The Ubhaya Vedanta Pravartana Sabha has been functioning in the holy city of Melkote for the past 110 years. The efforts of great scholars culminated in the formation of this sabha. every year, for the past 110 years, just before the utsavam and during the utsava celebrations of SriRamanujacharya, test is conducted for the entire nation in the areas of Vedam, Vedantam and divya Prabandham. From olden days, great and erudite scholars have have been at the helm of affairs, conducting the test, evaluation the students. And on the day of Bhagavad Ramanuja's thirunakshtram, just before His sannidhi, the children are honoured with prizes. And the children also seek the blessings of the Jagadacharya.

To help the students of Gurukulam evaluate their knowledge in Divya Prabandham and Vedam it was arranged that they take part in examinations - both oral and written - at Thirunarayanapuram.(Melukote) in the Ubhaya Vedanta Pravartana Sabha .Four students took part in the examinations. They were able to pass the examination successfully and earned prizes. But more importantly, they got an opportunity to assess their own learning so far and surely emerged more intelligent about themselves than before.

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