Monday, July 8, 2013

For All, He stands

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The sun had just risen.  The skies were clear with freshness.  The birds were up as usual and commenced their chirping and singing.  The flowers blossomed as if one were stretching oneself out of slumber.  The bees were charmed and hummed to make their joy known.
The celestials had gathered in large herds with flowers and preparations to worship their king.  There were those who sang songs and strung beautiful verses to render a morning hymn as a greeting to their lord in whom lay the well-being of the fourteen universes.
Served carefully by several attendants lay a spectacle, that beholds even the untrained eye.  Alit by the luminescence of sparkling gems standing on the hoods of a thousand headed serpent whose body was warped into a cozy settee was couched the dark hued gem...  in whom lay the well-being of the fourteen universes.
Rising to the songs of His attendants and gracing them with His lustrous glances, He allowed Himself to be taken to a special court for festivity. 
The attendants fetched sacred water from the wells for His bathing ceremony, carrying the same around in royal procession.  The fervor and excitement was palpable in their movements. After the bathing was completed, He was decorated with preparations from sandal paste and ornaments of gold.  His consorts adorned beautiful new dresses as the Emperor of the Universe proceeded to His throne to administer the worlds... because in Him lay the well-being of the fourteen universes.
The next day too tuned out similarly and the service reached its climax with the recital of sacred hymns, after which, the gathering that had assembled to witness the delightful sight was rewarded, in addition, by being bestowed the sacred food partaken by their lord.
Now, for some details ... The attendants in the above narrative are none other than the students of Srimaan Gurukulam, who serve their dear Lord Kasturi Rangan.  It is the narrative of a two day event of JyEshtabhishekam and Thiruppavadai celebrated on successive days over the last week. 
The Lord was taken to the JyEshtabhisheka mandapam after regular thiruvaradhanam and a glorious thirumanjanam was conducted.   He was adorned with chandana alankaram and decorated with sparkling gold pieces that the Gurukulam students had arranged with devotion.  The following day, He was offered Thiruppavadai followed by Ghoshti and Satrumurai.  Prasadam was distributed among the devotees.
It is indeed a wonder of our Lord, who is most charmed by even our sparing devotion, to become the object of attention, service and worship of the Nitya Suris as much as of the demigods, of the demigods as much as of ordinary people like us.  
How far would He be from the effervescent devotion and enthusiasm of our Gurukulam students?  Wouldn’t He be overjoyed with such company? Find out in these pictures :

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