Monday, July 22, 2013

Heart that knows only love...

Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

As beings in this mortal world, we all suffer from three kinds of miseries (known as thaapathrayam) which arise due to our physical senses, or due to the devathas, or due to other forces. But we need someone who is capable of saving us from the heat of these miseries. It is our Acharyan who gives us good knowledge through his advice (upadesam) and guides us through this tough world and shows the path for eternal bliss. Thirumangaiazhwar compares the knowledge due to sastras to that of moon light, which dispels ignorance (darkness) which also graces us with its cool rays at the same time. The extent to which an Acharyan is committed to the upliftment of His sishyan can be seen from the life history of Sri Pillai Pillai Azhwan.

Sri Pillai Pillai Azhwan was a sishya of SriKoorathazhwan .He was well qualified in Vedas and had good knowledge of the sastras but also had the habit of committing the sin of commenting about other Bhaagavathas with no reason whatsoever. The Lord would bear any insult to Him but not to His Bhakthas. Hence, He never tolerates those who think, speak or act with hostility towards His Bhakthas. Knowing the gravity of this apacharam on the part of his sishya, SriAzhwan wanted to reform His sishya and asked him to part with this defective trait. He asked Sri Pillai Pillai Azhwan  the vaak dhaanam that he would never comment on bhaagavathas by manas,vaak and kriya.   SriAzhwan was full of karunai for His sishya that He could not bear the sight of him committing such a sin and the prospective punishment it ought to fetch. How can we even express our gratitude to such a selfless Acharyan who takes all kinds of efforts to connect us with the Supreme? There have been many such Acharya Purushas in our Guru paramparai and it is our duty to pay our humble obeisance to them whenever possible.

Our Trust has been honouring such Acharyas par excellence through the “Acharya Vandhanam” scheme for the past 13 years. Recently, Sri U.Ve K.K.C.Singarachariyar Swami belonging to the lineage of SriDoddaiyachariyar Swami, who himself a descedant of Sri Mudhaliyandan was honoured by the Trust. SriSingarachariyar Swami  is the sthalathar( one of the families vested with the control of the temple affairs) at Thirukkadigai (Sholingur) and performs Adhyapaka kainkaryam, Veda parayanam and Thiruvabharana kainkaryam (decorating the Lord) at this Divya Desam. It is a privilege to honour such an esteemed Acharya Purusha at the campus of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam this month. The children of Gurukulam were very gifted to seek the blessings of such a committed kainkaryaparar.

So are you, the supporters of these kainkaryams and readers of our mails.

The Photos of the kainkaryam are hereunder :

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