Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love at first sight and Harvest without labour!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

No.  We are not talking about the story of romance between some individuals.  

And no again, we are not talking about a new technique in agriculture where it is possible to reap rich harvest with little effort and overcome food inflation.

These are the words used charmingly by Svami Desikan in Daya Satakam.  

nayane vṛṣācalendoḥ tārāmaitrīṃ dadhānayā karuṇe ! dṛṣtaḥ tvayaiva janimān apavargaṃ akṛṣṭa pacyam anubhavati |

Look yonder at that hill.  On top of it, there is a brilliant light.  From that source of brilliant light, emanate cool rays.  Oh wait! We know what it is. That body of luminescence is the moon.  It delights the hearts of all.  The Moon falls in love with someone at first sight.  That person attains great bliss.  

You may ask, “What is going on here? Is there a point to this?”

The moon in the above passage is none than the beautiful Lord of Tirumala, Srinivasa.  Out of mercy, His glances are cool and fall upon His devotees.  The first sight of grace, which is jayamana kala kataksham, creates satvika tendencies in the individual.  He leads them by His loving grace and grants them to the great bliss of moksha.  

This attainment of moksha without effort but through the grace of the Lord is as wonderful as a farmer reaping a rich harvest without engaging in any effort.

How is this possible?  There is another farmer who does all the work.  This farmer is none but the Lord Himself.  He is called as vṛṣaśaileśa-kṛṣīvalaḥ or Srinivasa, the farmer of Tirumala.  He, by the copious showers of merciful grace, irrigates the crops of atmas and enables them to mature spiritually.

The students of Srimaan Gurukulam got an opportunity to obtain a blissful experience of this Lord of Tirumala.  Various programmes were planned by the students over two days in and near Tirumala.

Please await elaborate description of the events in the coming mails.

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