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Love at first sight and Harvest without labour! - II

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,


Doing one’s job with utmost dedication

The mind does not stay still.  At one moment, it is thinking of something.  The very next instant, the thoughts travel thousands of miles, even foraying into the impossible.  It appears as if the mind is constantly trying to get out of line with the work that one is doing. Everybody complains about their inability in focusing and concentrating on the work being done.

But, there is one person, who is very focused in doing His work.  He is dedicated to performing one job in the best possible way.  Though He is already fulfilled in every possible way, He does the job meticulously and is constantly thinking about what to do and how to do it.

That somebody is none other than Srinivasa, who stands on Tirumala.

Bhagavad Bhashyakarar refers to Srinivasa as ‘vinata vividha bhūta vrāta rakṣaika dīkṣaḥ’. Srinivasa is exclusively occupied in protecting the souls.  He is obsessed in this task and can think of nothing else than doing good to the souls.  No wonder everyone loves Srinivasa.

The reason for protecting the souls is His mercy.  In Daya Satakam, Shri. Vedantachariar says,

hitamiti jagad-dṛṣṭyā kḷptaiḥ akḷpta-phalāntaraiḥ
amati vihitaiḥ anyaiḥ dharmāyitaiḥ ca yadṛcchayā |
pariṇata-bahucchadmā padmāsahāya-daye! svayam
pradiṃśasi nijābhipretaṃ naḥ praśāmyadapatrapāḥ ||

The mercy of the Lord is engaged in the very delicate task of inventing excuses to do good unto the souls (pariṇata bahu chadmā).  One may perform actions that are considered good or may do things with a different intention which turns out to be considered good, or may do  some random action that accidentally produces good ends or just any random action itself with no apparent good. The dayā of Srinivasa works on all the above and invents some excuse or pretext to bestow welfare upon us.

This extraordinary mercy of the Lord flows out without any hindrance because He is forever associated with Piratti - Padmāvati. That is brought out in the hymn by the word ‘padmā sahāya’.

What can be better than worshipping the Lord with His consort?  With this intention, the students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam visited Tirumala.  At Pellur village, close to Tirumala, the students organized Sita Kalyana vaibhavam to celebrate the togetherness of divya dampatis.  On the morning of the 12th of July, they commenced the utsavam performing with dedication the various respects and procedures of Bhagavat-Bhagavatha-anugnai, Punyahavachanam, and Snapana homam.  This was followed by 108 Kumbha Sthapanam and Thirumanjanam.  Offering upacharams to the Lord, the students offered thaligai followed by ghosti and satrumurai.

Early evening, the same day, the students conducted the much anticipated Kalyana Utsavam of the Lord with His consort.  At the end, the newly wed divine couple graced the devotees through a procession.

The devotees of the Lord who had gathered to witness the spectacle felt spiritually fulfilled to have witnessed this event.

Do you also want to catch some of the experience?  Take a look at the album here:

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