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Love at first sight and Harvest without labour! - Final


Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,


The “Gunakara Dasarathi” of Tirumala

In the Vishnu Purana, Parasara Muni says that the Lord is the repository of all auspicious attributes.  His form is divine and He manifests Himself in various forms for the benefit of the souls.

His auspicious attributes and divine form are the object of constant blissful experience of the residents of Vaikunta.  However, in order to make Himself accessible to all walks of people, He descended to this world taking the form of Lord Rama.

As Lord Rama, He was worshipped not only by excellent men and demi-gods, but also by monkeys and hunters.  His devotees cut across all differences of birth or habits.

For similar purposes, is the Lord manifest in Tirumala.  Incidentally, here too, He lets Himself be worshipped not only by the best of men and demi-gods but also by monkeys and hunters as has been experienced by the  Azhvars in numerous hymns.  As a light lit upon the hill offers its radiance far and wide, the auspicious attributes and divine form of Lord Srinivasa shine most brilliantly from the hill top of Tirumala.

The most famous hymns on Lord Srinivasa, which are recited by all people around the world including Suprabhatham, Sthothram, Prapatthi and Mangalasasanam, are composed by Svami Prathivadi Bhayankaram Annan.

In one of these hymns, Svami PB Annan experiences Lord Srinivasa as Lord Rama Himself in the following manner:

sumukhaṃ suhṛdaṃ sulabhaṃ sukhadaṃ
svanujaṃ ca sukāyam amoghaśaraṃ
apahāya raghūdvahamanyamahaṃ
na kathañca kañcana jātu bhaje!

Lord Rama has a beautiful countenance.   His love for all is immense.  He is easily available to His devotees.  He graces them with all auspiciousness.  He is our saviour whose arrows are unfailing.

Describing the auspicious qualities and form of Lord Rama, Svami declares that he will never seek anyone than Him.

Sri Ramayana is replete with various incidents that beautifully showcase the auspicious attributes of Lord Rama, the manner in which He rescues His devotees, His charming personality and enchanting form that moves the
hearts of all from rishis to rakshasas.

The devotees of Lord Rama are always blessed by His grace.

No sooner had the students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam performed the Sita  Kalyanam and worshipped Lord Rama than they left to Tirumala.Leaving the same night to Tirumala, the students participated in the Satrumurai of Lord Thiruvenkadamudaiyan.  The students offered benediction by chanting the verses of the Azhvars in front of the Lord, and participated in the distinguished assembly of Srivaishnavas of Tirumala, who serve Him at all times in all manners.

Returning back, the students performed Visvaksena Aradhanam, Punyavachanam and Agni prathistai before going to perform Sudarsana Homam. The spiritual experience continued as Sri Therazhundhur Raman Bhattacharyar Svami delivered a discourse.

Concluding their Tirumala pilgrimage, the students returned to Srirangam. 

The incidents of this episode can be viewed here :

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