Thursday, July 4, 2013

Queer inundation - I

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

We often experience a lull before a storm; which means before the wind starts blowing bringing with it very many things, there would be a calm atmosphere. An unusual peace would waft in the air. And then the storm would strike unexpectedly. Such a storm struck in Triplicane recently on the 30th of June.

As all of were waiting at the Hindu Senior Secondary School at 10 am with the sun desperate to warm us to its gratification, a group of children in the age group 4-14 stormed into the school. To our relief, they did not carry sand or dust or iron poles or anything harmful in their hands. Their hands carried the Samkshepa Ramayana and the Pasurapadi Ramayana books and their necks were decorated with the water bottles meant to negotiate the quickly rising temperature.

It was the Chennai Centre’s Second Phase of the SriRamayana competition conducted by our Trust. Started in 2007, the competition has made children rise from the level of ignorance to the level of good knowledge about SriRama and his history. 

The day prior to the competition, six volunteers visited the school and made arrangements for the competition. It is to be mentioned that all the six volunteers were women who had a family to look after. Despite that, they made it a point to spend time on the work of SriRama, who is none other than the eternal father of each of us. The volunteers prepared a list of all the participants, the stationery required, food requirements of the children and the prizes for the winners.

Sharp at 9 am all the volunteers arrived at the school and completing the arrangements, calmly awaited the storm that was to come. The children who came looked like dolls dressed for the occasion. All of them wore the traditional marks on their forehead which made them look very cute. With them came their siblings, mostly younger ones who brimmed with unrestrained energy displaying a variety of emotions from singularity to serenity.

Once the children settled in the class, a downpour was witnessed unlike the torrential downpour following a storm….

( to be continued)

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