Saturday, August 31, 2013


Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

A recent acquaintance of the Trust shares his humorous yet insightful experience in this series. By his own admission, he is somewhat new to SathSampradayam though brought up in a family that nurtures Sampradaya. An English teacher at a school in Chennai and a writer, he has taken the pain to lucidly pen down his account.

I received a random invitation from a friend to visit Srirangam. He said it was the Jyesta abhishekam of the year for Namberumal and wanted me there. He told it was very auspicious to be in Srirangam on that day. I too was weary with the sameness of life at Chennai, the usual life, the usual morning chores, the humdrum office routine, the screeches, the shouts, the loud honking, the tense traffic, the ubiquitous garbage. I yearned for a day or two without much attention to the clock or my looks.

So I at once accepted the invitation and booked my tatkal ticket to Srirangam. The Mangalore Express was comfortable except for the weird time it had promised to drop me at Srirangam. I had no wakefulness complaints at night. The train huffed and puffed its way into the Srirangam station and I got down once it gave up its attempts to further trod. It was still dark and moon of the night was gearing up to handover its charge to the sun. An assemblage of auto-wallas was standing outside and each man clad in cream-coloured pant and shirt greeted me with the respect I ought to have received only if I were the Railway Minister. Dismissing each of their proposals to take me to my friends place at the end of South Chitra Street, I decided to walk my way in the clear atmosphere that was still untouched by the toxic elements released by vehicles. The vehicles were soberly resting outside the houses and once the sun rose, they would be patted out of sleep and an endeavor to disgorge the toxins for our lungs to breathe will begin.

Passing through the grimly lit streets, occasionally brightened by the orange street lamps, I slowly dragged my sleepy self through winding roads and hit the junction of East Chitra Street and South Chitra Street. From there I could see as far as the end of East Chitra Street as well as the South. My destination lay in abandoning the road to East Chitra and pursuing the South till I reached the end where my friend domiciliated.



Once, Lord Krishna, as a mischievous youngster, set out to explore the streets of Brindavan. He came across a girl selling some fruits. She was shouting“ Oh! Fruits! Banana! Magoes!...” He decided to charm her and started talking with her. The beauty of His lotus eyes and honeyed tongue drew her without notice. She forgot everything around her. And soon the Lord left her. But to her, He was still gleaming in her eyes. Bhakthi filled her. And carrying the load of fruits on her head, she started shouting again to sell her stock. But this time it was “Govinda! Damodara! Maadhave!” Her tongue could only chant His name. She sold Him.

If a single acquaintance with the Lord could prompt His name to linger in the mind, how about the residents of Srirangam who see the Neela-Megha-Shyamalan lying on the aadisesha and breathing butter day in and out?

Srimaan Trust decided to celebrate SriJayanthi involving children. Today, 31-08-2013, 1000 children from 30 schools will spend the whole day thinking of little Krishna. They will draw Him, sing His names, speak about Him and eat His prasadam. We wish your mental presence at this event.

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