Sunday, August 11, 2013

Roar of a Cub ...


Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Sri Namazhwar, the leader of the clan of Prapannas is also called Shatakopan. When the invisible "shatam" made its dutiful visit to embrace Azhwar and plunge him into ignorance, Azhwar raised his puny eyebrows and instilled utmost fear in it. The koapam (rage) of Azhwar drove shatam away from him, thus making him Shatakopan. From the land of Azhwar, the land that is considered the a turning point in the tradition of Srivaishnavism, there has risen a young boy with Azhwar's name and his mission to reach Sampradayam to the masses. He is Chi. Elayavilli Satajith.

What makes this child special is his uncanny ability to juggle loukeeka education and sampradaya discourses with eaze. He is here to stay and contribute his might to Srivaishnava sampradayam. Beyond attracting the patrons of Srivaishnava Sampradayam, he has captivated persons other than Srivaishnavas too.

 A proof of this is the function scheduled to happen on the 14th of this month. The "All India Aadi Shivachariar Seva Sangam" had requested the child to deliver a discourse and he decided the topic " Aandalum Aranganum" (Andal & Ranganatha). He is also being conferred the award ''SATH SAMPRADAYA BAALA BHASKARAN'' on that day by the Mayor of Chennai. Here are the details :
Date : 14/08/2013

Place : Gandhimathi Kalyana Mantapam, North Bhog Road, T.Nagar,Chennai

Time : 6.30p.m to 7.30p.m

Topic : Andalum aranganum

Award to be conferred on him by Chennai Mayor : SathSampradaya BaalaBhaskaran

Sri Satajith is willing to come to any place and speak on our tradition and sampradaya. For organizing his upanyasams in your whereabouts, please contact :
Cell : 09443695147
Landline : 04639-273899

Each of you is requested to attend the function and bless the child. The invitation is hereunder in the link :

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