Friday, August 23, 2013

The enchanting melody - Final

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya aranan adiyar,


Words wouldn’t suffice to describe the love and devotion Embar had for SriRamanuja. They seldom spoke in words. Their conversation was heart-to-heart. The Govinda who was going astray into erroneous streams was reclaimed by SriRamanuja with great effort. Govinda always remembered this and often shivered at the thought of SriRamanuja not being there to reclaim him. This act of saving him made his love for SriRamanuja even more vigorous and reached gargantuan proportions.

Once, the divine dancers of the temple were enacting some verses on the Lord. SriEmbar enjoyed their dance. But he felt it would be splendid if they danced to lyrics extolling the beauty of his acharyan. He spoke his heart to them. They were enthusiastic but complained they never had any verse on SriRamanuja. At that very instant, SriEmbar gave them the lyrics for their dance. They parted ways.

In a few days, SriEmbar was treading towards the river for his daily morning bath. The dwelling houses of the divine dancers were on the way and he had to pass them to reach the river. As he was swiftly walking past them, his ears captured a beautiful tune and a fantastic rendition of the lyrics he gave the dancers. He lifted his head and looked for the house from where they emanated. Finding the house, he peeped in through the window. The dancers were moving their steps like angels. A few sung the verses, a few added background scores and others danced. The beauty of the verse was brought forth in the best possible manner. SriEmbar, clad in saffron and holding the staff and other features characteristic of a sanyasi, stood there peeping into the window, absolutely mesmerised. What a rendition! He felt His acharyan stood there. The excellent dancers had magically brought SriRamanuja’s beauty in front of him. The awe subsided and SriEmbar continued to his destination recounting the beauty of His acharyan. His own lyrics stunned him.

The dutiful citizens, who seldom spare anyone from their scrutiny, did not spare SriEmbar too. They noticed him standing for a long time in front of women’s domiciliary and peering into the window. This sacrilegious act of a sanyasi was instantly reported to SriRamanuja. Summons was sent to SriEmbar and he appeared. In a crowded gathering, SriRamanuja questioned SriEmbar of his doings. Embar recounted the entire episode from his meeting the dancers and giving the lyrics and the enactment of the verse. He said “My Lord! I could not put a foot forward when the words extolling your divine beauty fell in my ears. It drew me to their place. I simply lost count of time and was revelling in your beauty conveyed through the dance and singing.” Thus saying he fell at the feet of his acharyan. SriRamanuja overwhelmed by the Embar’s Acharya bhakthi, lifted him and held him to his bosom.     

Though they didn’t dance, a group of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham students, as a part of a music program named “Sriranga raajam bhaje” in the Karuthurai mandapam of Srirangam temple sang the above verse composed by Embar on SriRamanuja with utmost Bhakthi and made others dance. The rendition was such that the listeners felt the presence of SriRamanuja amidst them.

Though SriRamayana is a large epic detailing the lives of SriRama, Nama Ramayanam is a beautiful short version of the entire SriRamayana. The children sang Naama Ramayana in a captivating tune. A song from Silappadhikaram which describes the pastimes of Emperuman and regards the senses of those who do not think of Emperuman as useless was also sung. The students of SBK expressed their ecstasy of Bhagavath anubhavam to all the devotees through their melodious notes.

The photos of the function are here:

and the video:


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