Thursday, August 22, 2013

The enchanting melody.... - I

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Sri Embar was an Acharya par excellence in the galaxy of Srivaishnava Acharyas. He was originally SriGovinda, later assigned the name Embar. His Acharya SriEmperumanar (Ramanujar) took so much liking for him that he wished to grant him his own name. Considering the stiff opposition from Govinda, he used the first few and the last few letters of his name (Emperumanar) and thus renamed him “Empar”.

Govinda was married to a good woman by his family. But he was so much filled with the anubhava of the Lord and the kainkaryams that he neglected the must-dos for a householder. This ailed his mother. She wished him to be a normal man. He was ever basking in the glory of the Lord.

As expected, solution was sought from the solver of everyone’s problems; Perumal’s problems and pauper’s problems, SriRamanuja. Ramanuja listened patiently to the mother’s ravings. Govinda stood there with utmost respect. After listening to her version, SriRamanuja turned to Govinda and told him softly, “Dear Govinda! 
Anashrami na santhishteth is the verse of the sastra. A person is to always remain in one or the other ashrama (Brahmachrya…sanyasa). You are a householder. Perform the functions that befit that”. Govinda shook his head with reverence. The entire day was spent in Bhagavath and bhaagavatha kainkaryam and at night too he made his wife sit before him and began a series of discourses on the kalyana-gunas of the Lord. The entire night was spent discussing the greatness of the dispeller of darkness, SriKrishna. The mother was unhappy. She went to the Muth of SriRamanuja and complained. He summoned Govinda and asked if he began performing the tasks of the householder. Govinda, with utmost respect, told “My Lord! In thee I realize God, ever present. God in your form ever fills my outer eye as well as my mental vision. Hence, solitude seldom separates me from the Lord. It is only in solitude that the mind turns to think of things other than the Supreme. The constant spiritual illumination received from your holy self has completely filled every cell of adiyen. It finds it extremely hard and impossible to draw myself away from his thoughts and engage in the acts of a householder. Hence, adiyen has not been able to live the life of a householder eve
n for a day”. Hearing this, the King of Ascetics embraced him for his deep devotedness and impregnable detachment to material life. He was made a sanyasi and offered the name “Empar”.


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