Sunday, August 18, 2013

The zenith of zest..

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Just as a Powerful King sees to that all the precious gems in his vicinity become his possession, the Lord of Srirangam, Ranganatha, made all efforts to secure SriRamanujar from Kanchipuram. His emissaries made repeated efforts to coax the Lord of Kanchi and finally, one talented Acharya triumphed.

The gem called Ramanujacharya was delicately brought before Rangarajan who made him His crest-jewel. From thence began a revolution that saw many weeds wither and good flowers bloom in the spiritual garden of Srirangam. SriRamanuja heralded the revolution. True Bhakthi was honoured. Pomp was dispensed with. Prejudices were examined and extinguished. Different strata of the society found their way into Bhagavath Kainkaryam.

Udayavar, as SriRamanuja was fondly crowned by LordRangaraja, diverted his attention on people of all ages. Young or old, his mind penetrated their hearts . If true passion for the Lord’s service was found therein, he held them in high regard. Once, Udayavar was pacing his steps in the direction of Tiruveedhis . As he was walking, he witnessed a queer sight. A group of kids were enacting the daily happenings of Srirangam temple. From the Lord of the temple to the smallest of temple-apparatus, they painfully made them all with the mud. Udayavar had to cross them to proceed with his task. The children had completed most of the rituals and it was time for the disbursement of the prasadam. The practice in the temple was to first honour udayavar with prasadam. In the tone of the temple authorities, these children jointly yelled at the top of their voices “Emperumaanar, have the prasadam!”. The prasadam held in their hand was again, a conglomerate of mud and gravel. Swamy, who was standing there, deeply engrossed in their acts, came back to self, and immediately put his feet forward, prostrated before the Lord made of Mud and almost crouching to meet the hands of the small children, accepted the prasadam with such courtesy as was reserved for Lord Ranganatha alone. The children didn’t seem to catch the glory of the moment. For them, it was as planned. They had to give SriRamanuja his due of prasadam and he accidentally walked in. They did not want to administer excess respect for his stature. And he loved that in them. Their raw love touched him. And he knew this purity was mostly the property of children alone.

The children of our Gurukulam are a mixed lot. They are pure in their love for the Lord, love not assailed by complex requests; love, not expecting anything in return; love, not often dwindling and developing as a repercussion to the doings of karma; love, for its sake. But the children are not ignorant of the ways of Sastra. They have toiled these years to learn the Aagamas. They have progressed very well in the aagama vidya. Some are in the threshold of mastery. But learning has not diluted their Bhakthi in any manner. On the contrary, it has aided them understand Bhakthi better.

In this land mass between the Twin Rivers, where Paancharatra aagama rules supreme and children considered reverentially, the children of the Gurukulam will begin the annual SriJayanthi Brahmotsavam of their deity Kasturi Rangan.

Begins on….19/08/2013
Ends on…..31/08/2013

All the aagama practices will be incorporated in the utsavam.Preparations for the utsavam are going at cyclonic speed. The children see to that no volunteer rests. Even passers-by are handed some tasks. The Gurukulam is being washed and cleaned, vaahanams are given a face-lift. The children are engaging one and all in the kainkaryam. They have to manage both the utsavam and their daily study routine. They have done it with dexterity in the earlier years and will, with the Grace of Namperumal & Nachiar and loving souls like you, handle them well this year too.

Last year, many of the kainkaryaparas of the temple did the honour of participating in the utsavam. The retinue of SriVanamamalai Jeeyar swamy too were retained here by the beauty of Kasturi Rangan and the children. They loved the utsavam and blessed the children.

Hope this year too, many people come to Srirangam, participate in the utsavam, seek the Grace of Lord Kasturi Ranga and encourage the children. You too are invited to spend your time with the Lord and the children. Your divine contribution for this Brahmotsava celebrations, either by your presence or otherwise is welcome.

The detailed invitation is here in the link :

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