Sunday, September 29, 2013


Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Mukhunth Raghavan is a 17 year old 13th Grade (1st Year college here) student living in Dubai. He is in our list of mail recipients. The incident of the beautiful relationship that blossomed between a recent acquaintance of our Trust and a Gurukulam child greatly inspired him. He wanted to portray the meeting in pencil and colour. And he has done it very beautifully. Voluntary involvement of such young blood is a great inspiration to one and all.

His reflection on the entire episode will set tone to the drawing that can be seen in the link:

His words
"The transition of a stranger to friend/relation is one that we all have experienced at least once in our lives. It is something that is inevitable and yet, contradicts all that has been said for ages like the common mother's phrase, "Don't talk to strangers." It is surprising that most of the time strangers don't remain strangers. As was aptly put in the words of the donor, "When we accept a stranger as our own, the bond is established forever."

 The link is here :

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