Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Learning to learn...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

For man, the most important skill is to acquire the ability to discern between good and bad and choose the good. Every act of ours should see through the veil of hype and publicity and get to the bottom of an issue. The greatest casualty of materialistic philosophy is not the environment. It is not the plants. Nor the animals. It is man. Having learnt great sophistication, man has lost sight of the end. Happiness and well-being of the society are stabbed to death while man skillfully experiments with his intelligence. Terrible pain to all has been and will be the result of such practices.  

 Where should the change begin? Can a man accustomed to self-centered and mere materialistic thinking change overnight? It is very difficult. Habit kills reason. Our focus should be of the fresh buds that blossom in our garden. The children are mentally malleable and ductile. A positive and healthy train of thought implanted in their minds can take them to the  correct destination of “Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu”. Holistic thinking was our Acharya’s way. We need to re-instate that among children. Acharyah school is here to do that.

 The parent-teachers meeting recently held at Acharyah school focussed on “how we constantly err in making decisions despite several educational qualifications”. Case studies were discussed and debated.

 One of those case studies was about the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers in growing crops and vegetables. The amount of fertilizers sold in Indian markets are said to contain 750 times the admissible  level and some of these fertilizers have been internationally banned. But still, we opt to buy those vegetables to prepare our food. Our faculties of discernment and our deep education have guided us so well! Instead, if we had the skill to get fresh crops for ourselves, we can eat healthy food along with the benefits of being self-sufficient and cost-effective. The students at Acharyah would choose the latter path since they will be trained in organic farming as a part of their curriculum.

Activity-based training provides liberty to the children to understand a concept at their own pace and encourages them to explore the world on their own. Even though one describes an ocean vividly with a variety of comparisons, the experience of it cannot be conceived unless we see it and take a dive into it. So the parents had a session of hands-on experience on the activities used by their children. The parents were divided into groups and allotted various activities. The teacher introduced the activity as they would do it to the children and then asked the parent to perform the activity.This activity session was helpful in communicating the power of activity based education to the parents.

Some parents who were very much inspired by the functioning of the school came forward to volunteer for events. May we all pray Periya Perumal and Periya Pirattiyar to enable the children scale new heights!

Please await "A Stranger - 3" soon.

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