Thursday, October 10, 2013

Compelling reason....


Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

If there is a good reason to do something, then one better do it.  If there are two reasons, then so much better.  If there are multiple reasons, it becomes so obvious to be done that one only has to justify why it has not yet been done.  
Do we have reasons to be favourably disposed to an arbitrary person?

Let us look at the case where one is in trouble and in need of help - physical or monetary or emotional.  A good person comes along and renders the required help.  What is needed to be grateful to this benefactor?  The fact that he helped when in need is sufficient to be favourably disposed to him.

Troubles come and pass.  But in comparison to these mundane distractions lies the grand disaster of pralaya.  When it strikes, there are no survivors.  No existence seems to withstand its force.  Yet the soul must survive it, not only as an entity, but also as a useful one which can be returned to the world when it is available.  As there are no survivors, there are no saviours.  One cannot appeal to another under such circumstances.  Worse, the soul may not even be inside a body to be endowed with speech that can call out for help.  Who saves the soul during pralaya?  Who returns the souls to the world when it is revived? Who protects the soul even without the soul petitioning to do so?  

We realize that all our cares and needs are valid only as long as our individuality as souls remains meaningful.  The great deluge poses a threat to our relevance as individuals who have the scope for opportunities in the future.  For this soul, there is none to call for help.  It may not even be in a state to petition for support.  Yet the soul is saved by the Lord and returned to the world when it is revived.  It is redeemed through His efforts.  The gain to be attained by this process of the Lord is unlimited.  Despite our not knowing it, and our failure to be grateful, He works behind the scenes facilitating the progress of the soul.  The person, who knows this, becomes grateful to the Lord and lives without fear.  He needs no further reason to be favourably disposed to Him.

Distractions are not easy to surmount.  We live in a world of uncertainties.  Troubles, however temporal, rear their ugly head and threaten the well being of the individual.  Learning about the great help received in the past, some souls turn to the Lord for help.  

kecit sarveśvara viṣṇum-aśeaduritāpaha | kāmakāāprapadyante na te dāsya para vidu ||

They surrender to Vishnu to protect them from the troubles of the world.  They worship Him to have their desires fulfilled.  Thus protected by His grace, they wade through the uncertain world.

Over a period of time, due to the favourable graces of the Lord, the soul is gradually emancipated from being associated with the traps and lures of the world.  By realizing that the Lord had been saving them from times immemorial, in manifold ways one cannot even fathom, one realizes a bond between the Lord and oneself.  By realizing the ephemeral character of all that is worldly and the blemishes it brings along, one comes to the conclusion that there is no point in furthering this madness.  

bahujanmaktai puyai ātmana kīakalmaa | harisanta prapadyante daddāsyaika-phalārthina ||

The soul attains the firm conviction that there is nothing more to ask than the opportunity to reciprocate at least an infinitesimal fraction of the love of the Lord by serving Him for eternity, removed from this conceit and turmoil.  The reasons for doing so are overwhelming and compelling at this stage of realization, that one is left with no excuse for anything else.

They are indeed fortunate who attain this state by the grace of the Lord.  They are fortunate still who obtain this reward of service not in some unthinkable and incredible world beyond the universes, but right here right now!

The worship of the Lord is one of the forms of serving Him.  He manifests in various forms conducive to be worshipped and served by all.  He grants the ultimate reward in this very place.  He knows that there is no use in promising water tomorrow for one who is thirsty today.

The students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam are fortunate to be blessed with this reward.  In one of His charming states, the Lord is manifest as Srinivasa in Aravakottai.  The students of Gurukulam paid a two day visit to this place.  On the first day, the students performed Thiruvaradhanam of Lord Srinivasa, Krishna, Andal and Azhvar who are manifest in the shrine.  

On the second day, the students, keeping with Agama injunctions, performed duly the Kumbha Sthapanam and Ahvana procedures before proceeding to perform Chakraththazhvar Thirumanjanam.  This was followed by Sudarsana Homam followed by procession of Lord Sudarsana.

Lord Sudarsana, beyond His immense prowess and grace, is the very mark of the protective function of the Lord.  He is the first to the rescue of His devotees and is a reminder of the tireless efforts of the Lord in protecting the soul.  It is therefore fitting that the students worshipped Lord Sudarsana through the prescribed rites and services.  

May the boundless radiance of Lord Sudarsana’s grace provide us the enlightenment that drives us to engage ceaselessly in His service.

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