Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The mind's limitation...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,
One can go on talking about the greatness of the Lord and the richness of His auspicious attributes.   When one stops talking about the Lord, it is not because the Lord’s auspicious attributes have been exhausted by the talk.  It is because of the limitations of one’s mind.

“mathi kshayAn nivartantE, na gOvinda guNa kshayAt”

It is indeed our greatest fortune when we find devotees of the Lord who share the same nature as the Lord, whose contributions surpass our ability to talk about them.  Srimaan Trust recognizes the contributions of such noble persons by honouring them under the banner of “Vidvad-Vandanam”.

This month, we were blessed with the fortune of honouring Sri U.Ve. Deiyvanayagan Svami.  The Svami has been engaged in Adhyapaka kainkaryam over a period spanning several decades.   Svami’s life is one of dedication to ceaseless kainkaryam to the tradition.

A master of Ubhaya Vedanta recitation, Svami has devoted a large amount of his time in teaching the hymnal renditions to the devotees in traditional Santhai format.  Several people have benefited from this effort.  Svami’s students include people of all ages.  It is impressive how the Svami packs in his santhai classes in between other kainkaryams. 

For the sake of all Srivaishnavas who would like to learn the holy hymns of Azhvars Acharyas and the Vedic chants, Svami has released CDs teaching the hymns – a pioneering effort in our sampradayam.  It is needless to say that there are numerous beneficiaries who have learned Santhai through this medium.

A sight to behold is Svami’s punctual presence in the goshtis of Thiruvallikkeni for every utsavam.  That this trait has little diminished with his growing old is an inspiration for those who participate in the kainkaryam of the Lord. 

Svami, along with Sri Periya Tiruvadi established the Kaarimaaran Kalai Kappagam Trust in the year 1986. The Trust is engaged in performing Pavitrotsavams in around twenty Divyadesams including Azhvar Thirunagari, Srimooshnam, Srivaikuntam, Thirukkolur and Thirukkannangudi.

In Azhvar Thirunagari, Svami leads the effort in conducting the three Brahmotsavams during the months of Chithirai, Masi and Panguni, as well as the Navarathri Utsavam, under the auspices of Kaarimaaran Kalai Kappagam.  Kaarimaaran Kalai Kappagam is also involved in supporting other groups or persons engaged in kainkaryam.
The multi-dimensional role of Svami in kainkaryam towards the Lord, His devotees and the scriptures is a beacon light for other devotees and motivates us to engage in kainkaryam activities as and when an opportunity presents.  It also shows us our immense, yet seldom realized capability of engaging in concerted efforts of kainkaryam.  To know more about the kainkaryam activities of Kaarimaaran Kalai Kappagam, please visit .

There is more to the Svami than this piece of writing and we are left to resign saying “mathi kshayAn nivartante”

The photos taken while honouring Svami can be viewed here :​

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