Monday, October 14, 2013

The Pills....

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,
The heart is rather a delicate organ. It is often vulnerable to many ailments. Its susceptibility to diseases is very high. Don’t misread us. We are not discussing heart attack or other distresses of the heart here.
We are addressing the disease of the mind that ails the heart. Once born in earth, each of us is bound to face challenges. As children, our egos were not well developed to “feel” pain. We were casual and took everything impersonally. But with growing awareness of the world outside and the ritual of constant comparison with friends, relatives and even unknown people, we have accumulated negatives and our self-image stands precarious placed. And we have started living a life based on this perception of our negative image. The result is naturally, negative. What the mirror faces, it reflects, is it not? So, it is time to detoxify ourselves and get rid of the negativity we have nurtured all along. If we can break that ice of negativity from our life and live in the realms of reality, we shall have no reasons to complain.
TO ERR IS HUMAN; NO, EVEN GODLY…..Sri Hanuman, with great effort, found Seeth Piratti in Ashoka Vanam. A lengthy conversation ensued. Hanuman was furious hearing the wild treatment meted out to the Mother of the Universe. He wanted to teach the servants of Ravana a lesson and decided to break their bones before leaving for India. Seetha Devi stopped him. She asked “ Who does not err? everyone errs in life. Even Lord Rama erred by listening to my greed of a deer. And look at me. I too am erring by reporting to a stranger the misgivings of my husband! It is pure love and forgiveness that can redeem and solve all conflicts.”
We seldom realize our mistakes. Our conceit portrays our mistakes as acceptable actions. Yet, when we see others err, our blood boils. Domestic and office temperatures soar in the heat of our anger. Let us learn to keep anger at bay. Let us listen to the words of our beloved Mother Seetha who wishes only good for us. Empathising with others is essential as a human, more so as a matured Srivaishnavite.
FEELING HURT…… Yes, all of us feel hurt by someone in life. Often, a bitter word by a beloved person stings us. SriRamanuja left kanchi and came to Srirangam with the sole aim of cleansing the system of corruption and streamlining the temple services. The temple was under wrong hands. SriRamanuja wanted to extricate it from those hands. But Lord Ranganatha came in his dream and ordered “ The persons you want to remove from service are dear to me! Do not remove them. I wish to have them with me”. SriRamanuja was bitterly hurt. He could not understand the Lord. He had left everything to institute order in Srirangam and the Lord says he wants to live in an untidy environment! Humans don’t understand others since they do not know what runs in the mind of the others. But the Lord is the permanent resident of the soul and follows every thought of ours. Yet He did not understand. SriRamanuja decided to abandon his reformist enthusiasm and return back to Kanchi. It took a completely balanced mind of SriKuresha, foremost sishya of SriRamanuja, to gauge the intention of the Lord. He said to SriRamanuja “ My Revered Lord! It isn’t what you think. Lord Ranga wants you to bring them too under your fold and give them unto His service.” SriRamanuja at once realized the Lord’s intentions and admired the absolute balance of mind in SriKuresa’s possession. What followed was a golden period in the books of Srivaishnava history.
When hurt, when unable to comprehend others, keep a balance of mind. Let not emotions rule. Let us be grounded and face hurt with the dagger of reason.  
WHEN CONFIDENCE SAGS….. It is usual for our confidence to sag. Man is gregarious. His likes and dislikes take shape from his influences. His standards are set not based on his own likes, but the likes of the society. So when we are not able to meet those standards, our self-esteem and confidence takes a nasty beating. What will we do if we are the sole being pacing the planet?    
Inspiration should come from all our Poorvacharyas, especially the mighty Ramanujacharya. Stranded in hopeless situations, he rose, again and again, fighting the tides, braving the heat, weathering the storm and ultimately deeply sowing the sampradaya that would last for eternity. Unalloyed bhakthi, an unshakable faith in the Supreme persona and the resulting supreme self-confidence propelled him to achieve his vision.
As Sri Embar  rejoices in his sathvik pride “ Yeppozhudhum ethirasan vadivazhagu yen idhayathuladaal, illai yenakku ethir illa yenakku ethir illa yenakku ethirae !” ( Since the Divine beauty of the King of Ascetics, SriRamanuja lingers in my heart forever, none can stand before me! None can stand before me! None can stand before me!)
Let our minds meditate on the Holy image of SriRamanuja.
“To be loved and cared for” is a need for every being, a man or woman. Often, we find ourselves bereft of these. Let us not worry.
A King was informed of the inestimable scholarship of SriParasara Bhattar, son of SriKuresha. Once when he came to worship the Lord of Srirangam, he made a visit to SriBhattar. Kings are known for their pride and erroneous estimation of scholars. He asked SriBhattar to visit his court and collect golden coins. Bhattar refused. He was under the love and care of none other than Lord Ranganatha and Srirenganachiar. He answered the King “Even if the hand of Lord Ranga posed in a protective gesture ( Abhaya) turns the other way indicating abandonment of His bhakthas, I will never come to your court.”
The love showered on SriBhattar is available for all of us. We must have faith and trust and deeply love the lord to be recipients of his pure and vast reserve of love and care. We shall never worry then.
By gulping these little yet significant pills, we shall, on this Vijayadasami day, ever be in the path of victory! The Founder acharya, volunteers, children of Gurukulam, children of Acharyah school and children of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham pray the Lord of Srirangam for success in all your endeavours! 

Photo of Namperumal on this vijayadasami day is here :

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