Monday, October 7, 2013

The scent of freedom...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

Variety is an essential ingredient of the Supreme Being’s creation. There are so many landforms, water bodies, plant life, animal life, each one of them possessing some distinct traits. Even the snowflakes falling on the ground produce some patterns and one pattern is absolutely distinct from the other! Such is the creative genius that Emperuman is. It is from Him that all our creative instincts germinate.
India is a land of mind boggling diversity. The northern stretches of the country are frozen with ice due to the skyscraping Himalayan ranges studded with lakes and glaciers in the midst of which Nara Narayana upadesam of the Tirumantram took place. On the other hand, the plains of rivers like Ganga, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri are all probably the most fertile lands on earth. The mainland is divided by the Vindhyas and its dense forests where SriRamanuja met Perundevi Thayar and Devaraja of Kanchi and was rescued by them.
The regions lying to the south of Vindhyas is surrounded by sea on three sides, the western coast consists is bounded by the Western ghats along which Sri Ramar and Ilayaperumal walked in search of Sita Pirattiyar. The north-west frontier is a dry patch of desert which was the homeland of the devotee Meerabai. The diversity within this country is so much that it is called as “The Indian subcontinent”. Due to this vast biodiversity, India has been the home for a variety of cultures, lifestyle, arts and languages.
The children at Acharyah put up a show of this national integration on the day of India’s Independence celebrated every year on the 15th of August.
 The program started with invocation, followed by welcome address. The chief guest Mr. Subramanian, Chairman of PL.A group presided over the function. The uniqueness of this program was that introducing the chief guest was alone done by a faculty member while all other activities from invocation to vote of thanks were done by the children. There was a speech in Sanskrit on the topic of unity in diversity “bhinnatha kinthu ekatha”. The children also recited “aduvome pallu paduvome” song and danced for the song “oli padaitha kanninai”. Each child played a unique role in the program. Some of them took part in the Sanskrit speech, some of them danced, one of them rendered the vote of thanks. 
This program itself indeed showcased a unity in the diversified talents of the children. Let us pray to Namperumal to bestow this unity upon all our countrymen in order that our nation has a great future. The photos of this splash of colours can be seen here :

Refreshing the memory…. ACHARYAH-SCHOOL FOR LEADERS was established in the year 2009 by Srimaan Trust. Our nation does not have a dearth of leaders. Every pocket of the country boasts of so called leaders. Yet, the progress of the nation is such that there is only regress. Where do we lack? We lack in proper leaders. Leaders who are brilliant in administration yet unselfish in thoughts and deeds. Moral leaders. Leaders who lead and never budge to corruption.“Acharyah” is an effort of the Trust to create selfless leaders. By blending Montessori system of education with the knowledge of our cultural past and intelligence of our wisdom filled leaders of the yore, Acharyah aims to design leaders who set their aim at the good of the society.
The school was inaugurated by His Holiness Sri Trid
 Chinna Jeeyar swamy. The photos of the inauguration can be seen here :

An excellent speech of the Jeeyar swamy on the day of inauguration can be heard here :

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