Thursday, November 14, 2013

Permanent healing....

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

When a person suffers from illness, it is not sufficient to remove the symptoms of the problem. The core of the ailment must be identified and removed forever. Succeeding in this role marks the victory of a physician.
Such ailments can affect not only our physical well being but also our mental wellness. In many cases, it is the absence of mental health that affects physical health adversely. Some forms of physical illness cannot be cured until the mental health is restored.

The threats to the mind cannot be treated as any different from those to the body. The grieving mind needs to be healed, healed from the root cause of the ailment in the same way as it is done for the body. However hidden it may lie, the source of ailment can be discovered to rest in ignorance and its release depends on availing medicine of knowledge.

Knowledge obtained by individuals must strike at the root of the problem and deliver the person from such inflictions. The Lord Himself performed this role to perfection. When Arjuna was struck with grief born out of misplaced compassion, He did not deliver a superficial address to merely reverse Arjuna's decision for the moment, but went deep into the root of the problem, the base from which the fountain of sorrow had sprung, and cured it through an exhaustive treatment of truth.

When the root cause of the problem is not addressed, and people are only taught "skills" to survive in the world, several other problems surface. It is no mistake of the individual that he is ill equipped to handle such situations. It is the collective failure of human-kind to prioritize the needs of the individual.  As a new born baby is rushed to be vaccinated even before it grows, the first form of education that must be imparted is the the knowledge of the self. Only such individuals can be truly nurtured by other forms of education.  That is when education becomes liberating instead of burdening.

 It is difficult to find physicians who can effect such cures. Those who intellect stands far from deceit and incorrect methods are Acharyas, and are regarded as scholars. The association with such men destroys the ignorance of others; (conversely associating with ignorant men only breeds further ignorance.) These intelligent men are verily the lamps whose lustre of knowledge is capable of removing the darkness of ignorance. Hence, when one sees such men, one must seek the person with interest and be enlightened by his teaching.
The students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam were visited by such an opportunity.  The erudite scholar and preceptor, Sri. U.Ve. K.B. Devarajan Swami graced the Gurukulam students.  The Swami owes his wisdom to several yester-year stalwarts and has himself nurtured many scholars in our tradition carefully following the methods laid down by our elders.  The association of this Swami is a blessing to anyone, more so our students who are always excited to learn. Swamy’s spiritual knowledge was initially watered by none other than Mahvidwan Sri U.Ve.Prathivadi Bhayankaram Annangarachariar swamy. He not only learnt the Srivaishnava philosophy from him but was directly educated on the conduct of a SriVaishnavite from him. The initial days under the bright beam of PBA Swamy paved way for his further accomplishments and benedictions.

In his early days of employment in Chennai, Sri Devarajan Swamy lived in bachelor quarters. Owning to little flow of money, he never had the luxury of using private vehicles and used only public transport. Long journeys took him to the place of discourses and he listened with rapt attention to the words of the maters. Many a days, his long trips denied him his dinner. He used to come back, drink a couple of glasses of water and go to sleep. Those days, (which were far more than we can imagine) the accumulation of knowledge settled his hunger pangs and gave him sound sleep. Even to this date, he travels enormously. The constant cultivation of athma shakthi has enabled him face great adversities. And when someone goes to him to laud his speech, he smiles gently and replies “Acharya krupa”.

Staying close to the students, the master enriched the intellectual content of his pupils through his experience and wisdom.  It was appropriate that the Swami also delivered a discourse (click for Photos) on the greatness of Swami Nammazhvar in Swami Koorathazhvan sannidhi. 

Srimaan Trust bows to this physician for the soul, marking our monthly vidvad-vandanam.

The photos shot during the honour are here :

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