Monday, December 9, 2013

Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function (SBK,SBG,ST) - I

Even though nature is inherently ever-enchanting, its beauty becomes evident only during the spring season. That is the time when nature presents itself to us in an enchanting form. Similarly, the activities and functioning of our trust (Srimaan Trust – ST) is a continuous process, fuelled by the grace of Emperuman and Acharyas, taken forward by the efforts of numerous kainkayaparars. Even the activities of the trust are showcased to everyone during the annual day programme and other landmark events like how spring season brings out the beauty of nature. The annual day for the current year was celebrated on November 10, 2013.

The programme began with an invocation and welcome address. The various institutions of the trust and their activities were presented to the audience through a powerpoint presentation. At the end of this presentation, Kasthurirangan Emperuman (Thiruvaradhana Perumal of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam -SBG) arrived on the stage with his band of budding archakars. The Gurukulam students performed mangalasasanams from Vedam and Divya Prabandham and it was followed by other cultural activities.

Being an early bird...

The question of whether devotion (bhakthi) needs to be cultivated at young age or is it something which is reserved for the elders has been a never ending discussion among many of us. The toddlers at SBK attempted to put an end to this discussion. They performed a debate (pattimandram) on this topic and came up with the conclusion that bhakthi is essential at a tender age.

The cosmic dance of Krishna...

During the evenings of autumn season, the clear sky studded with stars is illuminated by the moon. The breeze blows over the cool waters of river Yamuna and that’s when Krishna would perform rasaleela with the Gopikas. On a similar evening, the children of SBK enacted this vaibhavam through a Kolattam dance performance.

The ambrosial music...

When we listen to Tamil, it feels like nectar flowing to our ears. It is even sweet when we listen about the glories of Emperuman in that language. It is sweeter to listen to the glories of Emperumanar (Yathirajar) in that language. What to say if these words are set to melodious music notes? The next program was a music rendering by SBK students wherein an excerpt from Aichiyar kuravai (a section in Silappadhikaram) was sung and it was followed by Emperumanar Vadivazhagu song.

Find below the excellent photos for your eyes.

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