Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thondin aradhanai 2013-14

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyars,

When Emperuman incarnated as Varaha taking the form of a giant boar and reclaimed earth from the ocean of deluge, Bhoomi Pirattiyar requested Emperuman to suggest a simple path for the mortal beings in this samsara, which could be followed by them to reach the Supreme abode (Sri Vaikuntam). Varaha Emperuman revealed the upayam of surrendering to Him and performing kainkaryam (performing activities for His pleasure) and nama sankirtanam (singing His holy names) as the means to reach Him. Bhoomi Pirattiyar revealed this message through the Thiruppavai prabandham when she incarnated as Sri Godha Devi. Sri Andal imagines Herself to be an inmate of Vrindavan and performs a vratham during Margazhi month. Thus margazhi (Margaseersha) is a celebrated month. Moreover, the term Margaseersha also means “The esteemed path”. It is during this month, we get to realize the esteemed path to attain Emperuman shown to us by Sri Andal Nachiyar.

As Andal shows in the 5th pasuram of Thiruppavai, our sins get burnt like a bag of cotton dropped into fire, if we are going to engage all our senses for the service of Emperuman and perform all actions (physical, verbal, mental) as kainkayam to Him. Srimaan trust has organized the programme “Thondin Aradhanai” in which Thiruppavai upanyasams are held at various places Chennai, Srirangam, Srivilliputtur, Karur and Hyderabad). Since kainkaryam is the essence of Andal’s Thiruppavai, kainkaryaparars from different Divya desams are being honoured at the end of the upanyasam at the place of their convenience.
The following link contains a glimpse of the celebration of last year’s Thondin Aradhanai.
Also find below the link about details of upanyasam venue and some information about Thondin Aradhanai.

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