Friday, December 27, 2013

Truth at dagger tip

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

What is Punyam and what is paapam? It is usually explained in saamanya dharma (general ethical law) that punyam is doing good and paapam is doing wrong. But in life we land up in so many complex situations that the mere simple definition is very hard to decipher and apply. What do we do in such circumstances? In such situations, our sole reference is the life of the Lord Himself and the lives of the Azhwars and Acharyas. The latter are better than Sarveshwaran since they lived a life similar to what we live today. And most of them were of our own ilk.

Look at the life of Thirumangai azhwar. If the general rules are applied to his life, he would have been repeatedly convicted for most of his doings. Robbing for feeding others, stealing, forgery and what not? SriParasara Bhattar beautifully says

जितबाह्यजिनादिमणिप्रतिमा: अपि वैदिकयन्निव रङगपुरे
मणिमण्डपवप्रगणान् विदधे परकालकविः प्रणमेमहितान्

The wonderful mandapas and fortresses were built out of the gold idols of non-vedic pagan religions. Thus Parakala Kavi converted unholy avaidhika stuff into holy vaidhika products. May I pay my obeisance to them all!

The life of Thirumangai azhwar is a clear case of what Punyam and Paapam is. The deeds of Azhwar were directed towards Bhagavat and Bhaagavata kainkaryam. In the true sense, punyam is what pleases the Paramatma and paapam is what causes displeasure to Him. The Lord Himself says “I consider the paapam done to pacify me as punyam; any punyam that does not involve me is paapam”.

These words of the Lord and the life of Azhwar should be the compass for us to seek direction in the bundled track of punyam and paapam.

In continuation of the scheme of Sannidhi vandhanam, Thirumangai azhwar sannidhi was recently venerated. The archakar swamy is a very devout bhaktha. He has been in kainkaryam for several years. Provisions and a token sambhavanai were humbly submitted by the children of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham. Such activities create a great impact on the children. They learn the greatness of the sannidhi, the archakar and the need to support them in life.

Click here for the photos of the event :

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