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Celebrated at the foe's camp - End ( + Thondin aaradhanai)

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

Celebrated at the foe's camp..... End (continued.....)

In Gita Bhashya, Swami Ramanuja says, “niradisaya-saundarya-sausilyadi-guṇagaṇa-aviṣkareṇa akrura-malakaradin parama-bhagavatan kṛtva.  Lord Krishna transformed the likes of Akrura and Malakara into Bhagavatas by means of His innumerable auspicious attributes.  His divine form and His auspicious attributes arrest the attention of the senses and capture the mind.  Finding nothing more beautiful, more auspicious and more blissful, finding no reason to complain due to complete absence of blemish, the mind is made to rest in one place and serves the good for man.

Likewise, Sri Ramayana is a showcase of the Lord’s auspicious attributes on display.  Sage Valmiki starts off the epic by questioning Narada for the one who has auspicious attributes and results with Lord Rama.

His exploits and attributes satisfy the hunger of the mind.  They satisfy all its diverse wants.  The individual can be liberated only if the mind rests with the Lord.  To make this possible, it is necessary for all people to be aware of the nature, attributes and exploits of the Lord.  Only a society of such people is a cultured and civilized society in its truest sense.  Otherwise, what is cultured in inventing new objects for the undying consumption of the mind?  Civility is the reflection of a stable and purposeful mind; the only entity that can arrest the mind and lead it to goodness is the Lord.

It is to inculcate this sense in our people that Srimaan Trust has been conducting SriRamayana contest at the school level, to attend to the minds when they are eager to learn.  It is to pave the way for a prosperous tomorrow through the agency of the children.

Enormous enthusiasm has been witnessed over the years in the response of students to Sri Ramayana contest.  This year too, great fervor was on display in all the centers in which the contest was held.  People transcended all inhibitions and differences, and took part in this contest.  To encourage through reward those who had taken a positive step for the welfare oftomorrow, prizes were distributed among the children.  The prizes were distributed on seventh February in Madurai, and on third February in Coimbatore.  Fittingly, Sri U Ve Badri Bhattar Svami discoursed on "Sri Ramanin Kalyana Gunangal" or the “Auspicious Attributes of Sri Rama”.

May the understanding of the great good that lies in the mind reposed in the auspicious attributes of Lord Rama create more enthusiasm and interest in such events.


a drop of gratitude )

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Sri U.Ve.M.A.Venkatakrishnan swamy honours Sri NGK Swamy, Tiruvallikkeni

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