Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Celebrated at the foe's camp.... - I

Srimate ramanujaya Nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

Turn on the lights in the room and the moth would rush towards the light.  Turn the light off and light the small lamp; the moth would rush to the lamp abandoning the light.  Turn on the lights in a different room and the moth will rush towards it. It is complete delight for the kids whose “experiments with the moth” lead to great satisfaction.

To such a kid who is thrilled by the fickle mindedness of the moth, make an offer of ice cream, and the kid would conclude his experiments with hurry and rush to the ice cream.  To all of us who laugh at how easily the moth and even our kids are easily manipulated, it should come as no surprise that we ourselves fare no better. The objects of interest change from moth to man and from childhood to oldage, but the mind is every ready to rush from one position of interest, even when the object of interest is not in sight.

Thoughts keep rushing through the mind.  Plans, musings, arguments, imaginations, dreams, ambitions, reasoning – there is nothing in the universe that we know of that works as tirelessly as the mind does.  No computer can process the complexity of data that the mind can.  Its assessments and reactions, impulses and responses keep running around the clock.  In a single minute, thousands of thoughts and perspectives take siege of the mind.  The senses lead the mind, sometimes, the mind leads the senses.  It is never ready to sit in one place.  It is always fault finding.  Nothing is too good to keep it entertained for long enough.  It would discover a defect, complain of boredom and move to something else.  It lacks direction, or it derives its direction from the force of habit and passion.


( a drop of gratitude )
Sri Lakshmana served Lord Rama non-stop 14 years.
Sri srinivasan SWAMY Performing
thirumadaPpaLli( cooking) and sannidhi kainkaryam
at sri ramaswamy temple,thirukudanthai
 30 years with whole family
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Honoured by sri swamy, tiruvallikkeni, 18-12-13

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Trichy 620 006, Tamil Nadu
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