Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Courage in every cell...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

One attribute we all possess in various degrees is to brood over the negatives in our life. Though the negatives are negligible, our mind magnifies it to an extent that the positives seem like small fishes in an ocean of negative circumstances, negative traits etc.

But seldom do we contemplate what has been given to us by the Supreme Being. All our organs function well, we are well endowed with indriyas, we get food thrice a day, we have at least a person to look after us lovingly.

 Despite these gifts of the Supreme, our nature is to wonder that “ the grass is always greener on the  other side”. In such a state of unwarranted self-pity, we should look outside and observe what others go through. We should also acquaint our children with the people who swim across the sea and fight the tides in spite of their natural inabilities.

The 1st and 2nd grade children of “Acharyah – School for leaders” recently visited a School for Blind children. The little children at the school had congenital blindness. Even a thought of closing our eyes for a few minutes makes us feel so handicapped. And yet these children have never seen the world; ;life is an imagination for them. They do not know how mother looks, or what father does, nor the gesture of the little sister that made the entire family laugh.

All our sympathies would turn into inspiration if we have a look at these children. They epitomise positivity and a sunny outlook at life.

The children of Acharyah hugged the other children and commenced the following, all by self:
  • Motivational talk from the Ithihasas and Puranas
  • Bhajan sessions where the Acharyah children sing and the others repeat
  • Games
  • Gifts to each child of the Blind school

The children of the Blind school performed the following on their part :
  • Non-stop Tirukkural recitation – all present were stunned at such a fluent recitation.
  • Continuous beautiful writing – with Braille methodology
  • Melodious Singing

When asked an Acharyah student what he learned from the visit, he said
“ Never speak ill of blind people” .

 Another casually told 
 They are like us only, only that they can’t see”

Another chipped in 
“ They are better in remembering than us”

We all need to imbibe the lessons the children of Acharyah learned.....

Raman of Acharyah School helps a child with Tamizh letters
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