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Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,


Sri Thirumangai azhwar describes the Kuda-Koothu ( dance with pots on various parts of the body) of Lord Krishna beautifully in his Tirunedunthandakam as “ Manru-amara-koottu-aadi-magizndhai-yendrum” in Naayika bhaavam. Lord Krishna would dance very aptly and keep everyone’s attention riveted on Him.

SriParasara Bhattar explains the effect of this dance with an example. Namperumal( Utsavar-Srirangam) goes around the Tiruveedhis during the Utsavams (Thy,Maasi,Panguni,Chitrai) and other utsavam. Even when an utsavam gets over and the deity goes back to the temple, the effect would be such that people think He is ever on the Veedhis in Vahanams with the Divine entourage, with the special mela kottu( drummin) and chants of the bhakthas. Such was the effect Lord Krishna had on the onlookers. They ever felt a dance fest happening in the streets and Krishna dancing beautifully.

Not only is that the case with Lord Krishna and Namperumal. Our own Gurukulam’s KasturiRangan celebrated His birthday on Aavani Rohini which was the culmination of a grand 10 day utsavam. Even today, we all feel the Lord going round the Veedhis with the children of the Gurukulam performing various kainkaryams.

A short description of each day’s event and the tireless effort of the children will form part of this series called “THE SCENT THAT STILL WAFTS”


Inline image 1

Panchakavya Praasanam - shuddhi for persons & place
Kumbha Sthapanam ,Poojai for four sthanam
Planting the Dwajasthambam after 2 days Tirumanjanam for it ( in picture) 



The Lord of this Universe, Srimannarayana pervades the entire creation. As Namazhwar puts it  “ Udal misai uyirena karandhu yengum parandhu ulam”, the Lord is everywhere and the entire chit(sentinents) & Achit(non-sentitent) are his shareeram (body).

Then one often gets this doubt, why go to a temple and pray before the deity when He exists everywhere, even as an in dweller of the jeevan? A simple answer to this is “ Air is everywhere, but we need a fan to feel it better. So is a temple”The reason for the Supreme to assume archa form is His excessive affinity for humanity and the knowledge that man does not have a perfect control of the senses to see Him within themselves. Hence the Lord descends and assumes the archa form. And this quality of the Lord exhibited in archai makes archai more important and celebration worthy than other states!

Hence, our Indian tradition has been giving a lot of importance to sannidhi sthapanam and utsavams. Recently, the children of the Gurukulam visited Arasaloor near Thottiyam. A beautiful sannidhi for Krishna exists there. But these years, no sannidhi for thayar existed there.  A Bhaktha accepted to install the divya-mangala-vigraha of SriMahaLakshmi at the temple.

Our Gurukulam children visited the temple during the Thayar sannidhi prathishtai and performed the following :
  • Panch sooktha paarayanam
  • 4000 divya prabandha thaniyans ( anadyenana period)
 Inline image 2
The Gopuram of the Newly built thayar sannidhi

a drop of gratitude )
Inline image 3
Sri Bharathan swamy honours Srinivasan swamy @ Srirangam 

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