Saturday, March 8, 2014

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Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

Celebrated at the foe's camp - II ( continued........)

For the worst of things, the mind is perfectly capable of reasoning clear justifications on why it needs to engage with them.  It is a masterful deceiver who is always right and never in the wrong. It is believing of all that it likes and likes to convince with effortless ease.  Disorder is its order when it is in its prime.  Its fancies predate its reasons and create an illusion of reasoned action.

So the mind swirls taking man to its task.  The person is usually at its mercy and would be ready to do anything to keep it at peace – something it is never good at being.  For once it is satisfied with one, it will demand another.
Given the extreme consequences that the decisions taken by the mind have on us, our elders opined that the mind is the instrument through which one is bound and through which one is liberated.  Given the difficulty in controlling the flow of the mind, due to habit and due to our environment, it is more likely to bind than lead to liberation.

The only way to trap the mind in one place, a place of value, from where it can lead an individual to goodness, is to find an extremely auspicious and favourable position and allow it to rest there.  The mind would have to be ever satisfied in this place and have no complaints.  Only an infinitely auspicious being who free of all blemishes is capable of satisfying this requirement.  Only such an entity would be capable of entrapping the mind in itself and make it stay focused without distractions.  Such a being is the Lord.

( ................. continued)

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Sri U.Ve.M.A.Venkatakrishnan swamy honours SriVenkatesan swamy

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