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Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

(Free accommodation , free food…for you)

A stay in a divya kshetram bestows one with enormous punyam. What to say of Srirangam, the very root of all divya-kshetrams? Even the Lord chose this kshetra for His permanent residence when Vibheeshana was carrying Him on his shoulders to Srilanka!

You will get free accommodation in the temple’s vicinity and free food for a day at Srirangam once you obtain theSRIRANGA KSHETRA VAASAM CARD.

Srimaan Trust comes out with an Annual Info Diary containing many features for the use of the Aasthikas. This year too, we are adding a few more informative and practical features to the diary. A DVD consisting of spiritual discourses running to more than 100 hours will be given free with the diary. 

What is the use of gifting perishable items to relatives, colleagues and friends? Gift imperishable spiritual knowledge in the form of the Diary and DVD to all known people and become the giver who is twice blessed!

Buy “10 diaries and 10 DVDs” worth Rs.1500/- for just Rs.700/-(plus the courier charges) and get theSRIRANGA KSHETRA VAASAM CARD. The card will entitle you to:

free accommodation in the temple’s vicinity for a day
free food for a day
and free personal explanation of the fascinating aspects of Srirangam
Book within 25-04-2013!
Contact 09150403470 / 71 ; for details

Avail this excellent opportunity and set foot on this land of spiritual fervor, devoid of the worry of accommodation and food.


A PANORAMIC RISING…. We all wake up in our dingy rooms looking at the false ceiling. Even ceilings are false in our city lives. How about waking up to the pleasant view of towering gopurams and the dazzling golden vimanam nestled in their between? Sriranga vimanam is celebrated as the very figurine of the Pranava mantram. The 9 golden kalashams that bejewel the Vimanam stand for “ aum, aapa:, jyothi:, rasa:…” which are the crowns of Gayathri mantra. A simple glance at the Sriranga Gopurams can bestow one with “a crore blessings”.

A LOVELY DIP…. Lord Ranganatha came to Srirangam with the aim to quench the Bhakthi thirst of Goddess Cauvery. She in turn, is here to cleanse the external and the internal dirt of the person having a dip in her waters. As per the Puranas, it is a sin to think of a river while having a dip in another. But the only exception is given to Cauvery.  SHIVA explains NARADA that a person must think of river Cauvery while bathing in any other river. Lord Ranganatha Himself explains to Vibheeshana that a person who bathes in Cauvery makes a clean sweep of the paapam of the next ten generation.

 SRI SUDARSHANA’S GRACE…. Just before entering the Kaarthigai gopura entrance, on the left-hand side lies the most vibrant sannidhi on earth. Sri Sudarshana, who is carried by the aadhaara shakthi of Lord Nrishimha has an exquisite presence here. A few pradakshinams of SriSudarshana (and Lord Nrisimha at His rear ) can kill the bad elements posing as roadblocks in our life’s path. 

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE….. Just opposite the sannidhi of SriSudarshana is Bhagavath Ramanujacharya’s sannidhi. Worship of this Saviour can untangle the hundreds of meshes around us that keep our lives static and spirit less.

 CIRCUMAMBULATING THE VIMAANA… As per Brahmanda Purana, pradakshinam of Sriranga vimaana can rid one of several ills. The following are stated therein :
Yama says to his servants “ We need to worship the last relative of a person who does pradakshinam”.
Brahma says “ Devas, Saadhyas, Rishis, Pitrus, Vasus do 12 pradakshinam everyday.

Lord says “12 pradakshinams =One lakh times recitation of Vasudeva mantram ( doer and kindler)
“ 24 pradakshinams = One crore times “Gayatri mantra japam” ( doer and kindler)
                 “ 108 pradakshinams = They receive My own amsam”
COSMOS ON A SERPENT… The core energy of the entire existence lies on the five headed aadisesha as Lord Ranganatha. His kataksham can bestow us and the generations to come never ending bliss and vitality.
BEYOND WORDS… The Divine Mother Srirenganachiar is an exception…She, being the Universal Mother instinctively knows what we need. Hence, Her reasonless love cannot be explained. Her darshanam will fetch us everything!

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