Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Precious Praise !!

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

All parents spend their lives for their children. Every penny, every drop of sweat, every strain and pain are borne by the parents for the children. Unfortunately, not all children realize this till parenthood embraces them. But by that time, the parents go beyond the realms of receiving their gratitude.

“Yevvuyirkum thai irukkum vannan” (The mother of all Beings - Srimannarayanan) is a parent who keeps doing wonderful good for every soul. Not with a selfish expectation. People may ask “Uh ! Does He not expect service from us? Does He not need us at Srivaikuntam for eternal service? Isn’t He selfish then?” This thought is analogous to thinking that the teacher is selfish in expecting his student to score well. If the student scores 95%, who is the beneficiary? Who will get admitted into the best college? Who will get placed in an MNC and who will earn in 6 digits? By wanting us near Him and providing us the chance to serve the Lord is further establishing His unconditional grace.

The Lord was in for a surprise in one avatharam. As the scion of the Raghu vamsam and the son of the Dasharatha, the Lord tasted bitterness in life like none other. But when His two little sons sang His glory in the gathering of which He was a party, all His worries and sorrows were obliterated and the void filled with tons of joy. And yet, this was only for a time being. The same children stood against the Lord and fought a terrible war with Him.

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A step ahead of Lava and Kusha,  175 children, in their age group, sang the the glories of the Lord and understood the fact that they were ever servants to the Lord.

Our Trust organized the ANNUAL SUMMER SPIRITUAL CAMP FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES, CASTE AND GENDER for a week from the 28th of April 2014 at Srirangam. The timings were from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.
The children mastered  the following in the area of "SRIRAMAYANA BAALA KAANDAM"

  • TiruNaamaSankeerthanam
  • Games
  • Competition
  • Meditation
  • Quiz
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Craft & Colouring
  • Field Trips
  • Projects
  • Yoga
On the final day of the camp, alankaram competition has been conducted by the trust.
Sri Karpangadu U.Ve. Lakshmi Narasimhan Swamy, Smt. Visaka Hari  made their presence as judges for this competition. All the children enjoyed this camp.

One of the parent wrote the below comment about the camp :

Dear Sir,
We do not find words to congratulate your team for the EXCELLENT work done in the above camp held at Sri Vignesh Ranga Matriculation School, Srirangam. As a resident of Srirangam and the Grand-father of a participant, I was able to understand how anything in this Universe could be implanted in the young minds usefully. Services like these can,without any doubt, contribute more and more for the healthy growth of our NOBLE SAMPRADAYA. MAY THE PRESIDING DEITIES OF THIS HOLY BHOOLOGA VAIKUNDAM shower their MIGHTY GRACE for your entire team for this noble cause and let your services grow from strength to strength.

  at the Dhivya Dhampthis' services,
                                                                                           S.Raghavan (Retd.Asst.Registrar, Bharathidasan University)
You can view  summer camp photos in the below link :

You can also watch and enjoy bhajan in the following link:


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