Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Discovering One’s Identity - I

Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,
One of the marks of a Srivaishnava is the lapse of his personal artificial identity in his true nature of servitude or śeṣatva.  At this stage, the Srivaishnava gives up his temporary qualifiers gained from birth and adopts the dāsya nāma.  Thus, we come across the common names of Rāmānujadāsa, Śrīvaiṣṇava dāsa and Śrīnivāsadāsa among Srivaishnavas.

The realization of this nature of subservience is not the loss of identity or the shedding of one’s distinction.  It is the attainment of the true nature of the self, where one’s identity is truly gained.

Artificial qualifiers with which we often associate ourselves and consider to be integral parts of who we are, are misleading.  These qualifiers are gained from various events and experiences of life, and are gained at defined points of time.
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They do not reflect our eternal identity.  The role of these artificial qualifiers is to shroud the true nature of the self and Nārāyaṇa.  Going by these qualifiers, one submits oneself to the actions, emotions and philosophy associated with such identities.  Though one feels accomplishment at times, one has in truth lost oneself to these qualifiers.

Realizing the dāsya svarūpa of the self is the process of regaining this lost identity.  It is the means to see ourselves as we truly are without contamination from external factors.  It provides insight to the true character of the self divorced from the labels derived from habit or bondage to various aspects of our mundane existence.  It is what defines us even when these binds fall apart.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Kings of legend were men who cared for their subjects. It is often mentioned that they took strolls incognito around the streets and eavesdropped conversations among the public and took measures to rectify mistakes in the administration or deliver justice to the weak.

The Kings of these days leave their cozy air-conditioned rooms rarely and even if they do, it is not much in public interest.

But there is one King who has remained unaltered in His beautiful gesture of visiting the poor, the weak, the needy, the women and children. And that King is no ordinary King. He is the King of Kings, Lord Rangarajan of Srirangam. Out of 365 days a year, the Lord is on constant move most days. “If the men don’t visit me, let me visit them” is the attitude of this Lord. As the first Guru in the Guruparampara, the Lord shows the leadership traits to be inculcated by us all.

Just as the Lord of Srirangam, the little Kasturi Rangan of our Gurukulam too visits places of Bhakthas to enquire after their wellness.This event is called Srimaan Sathsang.

Recently, the Lord visited the place of a devout Bhaktha by name SriBadrinarayanan at Urayur. The entourage included all the children of the Gurukulam and the inmates of SriSabari Ashramam.

Thiruvaradhanam was conducted with great love which was followed by pancha sooktha sevai.This was followed by mantra pushpam and Nithyanusahdnanam goshti. Important padhigams from Periya thirumozhi were recited with the crescendo offered to Srirangam padhigam. Next koil tiruvaimozhi was recited.

The elders of Sabari Ashramam beautifully recited SriVishnu Sahasranam SriSudarshana ashtakam and Chatushloki.

SriNathan, a devoted volunteer of our Trust chanted the shlokas from SriBhagavatham narrating the divine avatharam of Lord SriKrishna and the leelas of the Lord with the flute.

This was followed by a soulful upanyasam of our Gurukulam boy Balaji on Lord Rama under a wonderful title “Azhiya Azhagan”.

Satrumurai was performed and theertha prasadams offered to all gathered. This was followed by aashervadam to SriBadrinarayan and family for aeons of Bhagavath and Bhaagavatha kainkaryams to flourish.

Click here for the wonderful and divine pictures of the event :

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

True blossom...

Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

For a flower to blossom beautifully,  we need to add water to the plant. If we add drain to the plant, the bloom would be unhealthy and unattractive.
Such is the nature of children too. We need to add proper,pure,clear,nutrient rich knowledge and practices into their minds so that 'beautiful action flowers' emanate from their lives.  These flowers would spread fragrance across the globe.Educating children is of utmost importance.  Our Trust decided to help a select group of poor children of South Ranga School and Aranganayaki girls school.

40 children of both schools were given 5 notebooks each for writing notes and practicing lessons.

Chief Guests for the function were (1) K. Murali, Regional Development Manager, City Union Bank, Trichy (2) S. Sridhar, Branch Manager, City Union Bank, Srirangam. (3) Sethu Aravind, mannachanallur Taluk, paalaiyur village, bharathiya janatha katchi maanila seyarkuzhu urupinar. (4) Parasara Azhagiya singa bhattar swamy (5) Periyanambi swamy. Sri Venkata Subramaniyan, HOD of Saranathan Engineering College and the possessor of several achievement feathers in his hat, volunteered for this function with utmost enthusiasm.

Click here for the pictures of the function:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jaya ! Jaya ! SriSudarshana !

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

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SriSudarshanar’s thirunamam is broken as Su+ darshan – the one showing the right path. Sri Sudarshana azhwan is celebrated by the Indian tradition as the shower of the right path of life. He illuminates existence. He bestows health and wealth. In each avatharam of Srimannarayana, SriSudarshanar accompanies the Lord as His asthram in different garbs. In Srivaishnava sampradayam, SriSudarshanar is considered far more important for the reason that this powerful deity helped save the Lord of Srirangam itself during an unprecedented flood at Cauvery! Several Acharyas were saved from the clutches of ill-health by the Divine Grace of Sudarshanar.

SriSudarshanar’s thirunakshtram was celebrated at our Gurukulam in the grandest possible manner on the 6th of July.

The children of the Gurukulam rose with utmost enthusiasm to celebrate the birth of the Divine Discus of the Lord. The day began with Thiruvaradhanam of the deity of Gurukulam,SriKasturi Rangan. Elaborate thirumanjanam was performed for the divya-mangala vigraha of SriSudarshana azhwan. This was followed by receipt of anumathi from the Lord for the performance of Maha-Sudarshana Homam. SriSudarshanar was installed on the Kumbham by means of Mantra sthapanam and an elaborate Homam was performed. All the children of the Gurukulam are now well-versed in the performance of Sudarshana Homam due to constantly accompanying stalwarts in the field of Homam.

The homam was followed by Sudarshana-Gayathri japam and complete recitation of Sudarshana Shataka stotra of SriKooranarayana Jeeyar swamy. This was further followed by anusandhanam of all the pasurams related to Sudarshana azhwar from 4000 divya prabandham.

An assortment of delicacies were prepared and submitted before SriSudarshanar. Poorna aahuthi conducted and a wonderful satrumurai was done.

On any day of conducting Homam, it is custom to feed prasadams to the poor. On this day of SriSudarsanar's thirunakshtram, 100 persons were served curry rice, kichdi and dhadhiyodhanam which were earlier offered to SriSudarshanar.

The entire day was spent in the musings of  Chakratazhwar’s perumai.

The photos of the celebration, Sudarshana Homam, sudarshana shataka parayanam and all other events are here in this link :

Thiruvazhi azhwan thirunakshathiram

Friday, July 4, 2014

Being genuine...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

After our days of schooling, we are seldom tested by people with genuine concern. Our bosses at office test us with a view to find a fault and re-establish their supremacy and hold over us. Our colleagues test us with a view to pinpoint our fault and gain a moral hold over us. But what is it at school? The school wants us to do well.

More so is the institution of Gurukulam and the character of Acharyas in the Gurukulam. A spoon of knowledge is always accompanied with several servings of  moral education and spirituality. And what is expected of a student at a Gurukulam? The expectation is to make him a selfless asset so that many selfless institutions arise and aid the society.

What was the expectation of our Poorva-acharyas when spreading knowledge? The overpowering desire to help man reclaim himself from the abyss of materialism was the sole reason. Compassion was the single common thread running through all the Poorvacharyas.

Our Gurukulam at Srirangam is running in great fervour. Learning has reached great heights. The involvement of children in our ancient rituals has increased manifold. Their love for the Supreme is sublime.

With a view to test their learning, we invited scholars in specific fields to question them and conduct exams :

Vedam : Kundalam Sri. U. Ve. Sampath Iyengar Swamy, Srirangam Temple Vedha Parayana Kainkaryam.
Aagamas : Sri. U. Ve. Kanna Bhattar, Archaga Miras (Srirangam Temple).
Divya Prabandham : Sri. U. Ve. B. Ramanujam Swamy - A well versed 4000 Divya Prabhandha Adhyapakar, Son of Srirangam Temple Adyapakar.
Stotra paadam : Sri. U. Ve. Periya Nambi Sridharan swamy.
General Eduction i.e., Math, Science, Geography, Tamil, Sanskrit, English : Internal question paper and oral assessment.

  •  The overall assessment was overwhelming.
  • Each scholar loved the children for their deep devotion and thirst for knowledge.
  • Within the range of learning, each child could tell pasurams from rote easily and correctly.
  • Corrections of certain nuances were suggested.
The photos of the exam are here in the link :
SBG Agamam Exam 2014 Photos

SBG DivyaPrabhandham Exam 2014 Photos

SBG Vedham Exam 2014 Photos

SBG Vedham Exam 2014 Video

SBG Agamam Exam 2014 Video