Friday, July 4, 2014

Being genuine...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

After our days of schooling, we are seldom tested by people with genuine concern. Our bosses at office test us with a view to find a fault and re-establish their supremacy and hold over us. Our colleagues test us with a view to pinpoint our fault and gain a moral hold over us. But what is it at school? The school wants us to do well.

More so is the institution of Gurukulam and the character of Acharyas in the Gurukulam. A spoon of knowledge is always accompanied with several servings of  moral education and spirituality. And what is expected of a student at a Gurukulam? The expectation is to make him a selfless asset so that many selfless institutions arise and aid the society.

What was the expectation of our Poorva-acharyas when spreading knowledge? The overpowering desire to help man reclaim himself from the abyss of materialism was the sole reason. Compassion was the single common thread running through all the Poorvacharyas.

Our Gurukulam at Srirangam is running in great fervour. Learning has reached great heights. The involvement of children in our ancient rituals has increased manifold. Their love for the Supreme is sublime.

With a view to test their learning, we invited scholars in specific fields to question them and conduct exams :

Vedam : Kundalam Sri. U. Ve. Sampath Iyengar Swamy, Srirangam Temple Vedha Parayana Kainkaryam.
Aagamas : Sri. U. Ve. Kanna Bhattar, Archaga Miras (Srirangam Temple).
Divya Prabandham : Sri. U. Ve. B. Ramanujam Swamy - A well versed 4000 Divya Prabhandha Adhyapakar, Son of Srirangam Temple Adyapakar.
Stotra paadam : Sri. U. Ve. Periya Nambi Sridharan swamy.
General Eduction i.e., Math, Science, Geography, Tamil, Sanskrit, English : Internal question paper and oral assessment.

  •  The overall assessment was overwhelming.
  • Each scholar loved the children for their deep devotion and thirst for knowledge.
  • Within the range of learning, each child could tell pasurams from rote easily and correctly.
  • Corrections of certain nuances were suggested.
The photos of the exam are here in the link :
SBG Agamam Exam 2014 Photos

SBG DivyaPrabhandham Exam 2014 Photos

SBG Vedham Exam 2014 Photos

SBG Vedham Exam 2014 Video

SBG Agamam Exam 2014 Video

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