Sunday, July 27, 2014


Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Kings of legend were men who cared for their subjects. It is often mentioned that they took strolls incognito around the streets and eavesdropped conversations among the public and took measures to rectify mistakes in the administration or deliver justice to the weak.

The Kings of these days leave their cozy air-conditioned rooms rarely and even if they do, it is not much in public interest.

But there is one King who has remained unaltered in His beautiful gesture of visiting the poor, the weak, the needy, the women and children. And that King is no ordinary King. He is the King of Kings, Lord Rangarajan of Srirangam. Out of 365 days a year, the Lord is on constant move most days. “If the men don’t visit me, let me visit them” is the attitude of this Lord. As the first Guru in the Guruparampara, the Lord shows the leadership traits to be inculcated by us all.

Just as the Lord of Srirangam, the little Kasturi Rangan of our Gurukulam too visits places of Bhakthas to enquire after their wellness.This event is called Srimaan Sathsang.

Recently, the Lord visited the place of a devout Bhaktha by name SriBadrinarayanan at Urayur. The entourage included all the children of the Gurukulam and the inmates of SriSabari Ashramam.

Thiruvaradhanam was conducted with great love which was followed by pancha sooktha sevai.This was followed by mantra pushpam and Nithyanusahdnanam goshti. Important padhigams from Periya thirumozhi were recited with the crescendo offered to Srirangam padhigam. Next koil tiruvaimozhi was recited.

The elders of Sabari Ashramam beautifully recited SriVishnu Sahasranam SriSudarshana ashtakam and Chatushloki.

SriNathan, a devoted volunteer of our Trust chanted the shlokas from SriBhagavatham narrating the divine avatharam of Lord SriKrishna and the leelas of the Lord with the flute.

This was followed by a soulful upanyasam of our Gurukulam boy Balaji on Lord Rama under a wonderful title “Azhiya Azhagan”.

Satrumurai was performed and theertha prasadams offered to all gathered. This was followed by aashervadam to SriBadrinarayan and family for aeons of Bhagavath and Bhaagavatha kainkaryams to flourish.

Click here for the wonderful and divine pictures of the event :

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