Friday, August 29, 2014

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Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,


The word upanayanam means to bring near. A child, who reaches the age where his mind settles for streamlined learning (usually 7), is introduced to Supreme Knowledge. He is sent on a mission to know reality, to know oneself and to know the Resident Being within the self. This mission is grandly inaugurated with the sacred thread ceremony. Just as a bird has two births, one from the mother as an egg and then breaking out of the egg, a thrai varnikas have two births, one from the womb of the mother and another from the womb of illusion (Maya of the Supreme).

But a family needs to expend substantial monetary resource for conducting the upanayana ceremony. Unfortunately, some parents find it very difficult to do so due to financial constraints. It is the duty of the society to take up the cause of these children and perform their sacred thread ceremony.

One such effort of the Trust has culminated in the organization of upanayana ceremony of two young bubbling children viz. Sudarshan (10 years old) & Satyanarayanan (17 years old). The children are from Salem.The function was held at Sourashtra chattaram, South Uthra street, Srirangam . The udagashanthi was held yesterday at 5pm in the presence of all the relatives of the children and the volunteers of our Trust. The upanayana ceremony was held today at 9.30am. The entire hall was filled with the divinity of the ceremony and the children were extremely enthusiastic. All their thirst to become brahmacharis as sanctioned by the Sastras was evident from their eyes. 

Inline image 1

Inline image 1 
The holy water from Kumbham being sprinkled on the children. The children just enjoy it!

Inline image 2
Two very happy family of trio 

Hope all such children with financial difficulties are brought to the notice of the Trust by the Lord of Srirangam. The Trust has been fortunate to have organized dharma upanayanams for minimum two children each year. All aasthikas are requested to bless the children with their whole heart Inline image 3. Our Founder Acharya lectured the children and the family on the importance of upanayanam, the life to be led after upanayam and the importance of doing sandhya vandhanam and samithadaanam everyday. The volunteers of the Trust will not stop with conducting the ceremony. They will keep a lifelong check whether the children perform sandhya vandanam thrice a day.

The entire ceremony can be seen here in the link :

Two excellent discourse series on important aspects of Srivaishnavism are being broadcast on two television channels.
  • Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.A.Venkatakrishnan swamy Inline image 4discourses under the title  "NAAL THORUM NAALAYIRAM" (Nalayiram each day) at 7.05 a.m on Podhigai TV from Mon-Fri
  • & "108 DIVYA-DESA VAIBHAVANGAL" on Pudhu Yugam channel at 6.30am on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sri E.S.Satajith Inline image 5 throws glimpses of SriRamayanam at 7.15am on Vendhar TV from Mon-Fri.
All aasthikas are requested to listen to the discourses and  get benefitted.

Sri U. Ve. Dr. M.A. Venkatakrishnan swamy is a scholar of Srivaishnava sampradaya known to one and all. His tutelage under the greatest vidwans of the 20th century, his magazine Geethacharyan, his innumerable upanyasams and Kalakshepams ,rare books unearthed and published by him, his own writings with deep analysis and resonance are all facts well-known to the world of Srivaishnavism. This swamy is celebrating his sashtyabdhapoorthi (60th thirunakshtram) on the 28th of September 2014.

An array of events are proposed from the 11-09-2014 to 28-09-2014 in lieu of the celebration of the sashtaybdhapoorthi.
Our own "Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham" children will be performing under the following events
DATE : 20-09-2014 ; TIME; 6 to 8:30 pm. VENUE : Bharathiyar Hall, Triplicane. 
DANCE : Andal Thirukalyanam
DRAMA : Nanjeeyar Vaibhavam
Edhu Sirandha Kainkaryam
The entire list of events is here in the link :

Also you can see the list of latest Tamil books published by 
Sri U. Ve. Dr. M.A. Venkatakrishnan swamy in the above link.

All aasthikas are requested to attend the above function of our Trust and all the functions organized in celebration of the 60th thirunakshtram.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A call for Raama-rajya!

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

From the days of childhood, each one of us has always looked out for guidance in one form or the other. Be it to play a game, work out an arithmetic problem or read books, some guiding force is always expected to show the correct and best path. The craving for guidance is far higher when we reach the brink of adulthood where options in life pour in and the feeling of responsibility and moral maturity is high. No doubt our parents and elders always guide us. But it is in the nature of humans to carry impressions, prejudices and make wrong judgements which may distort their guidance. Who then is the best guide? The Lord Himself. Each avatharam is meant to drive a point to the earthlings. And among them, the one avatharam solely meant to turn a beacon light for the ocean of humanity is SriRamavatharam. Each stage of the avatharam left clues for humans to follow in their day to day life. The Kalyana Gunas exhibited by LordRama, the beautiful relationship with His father, mother,aunts,brother, Seethapiratti, the subjects of Ayodhya, the rishis of the forest, the vanaras of Kishkinda, the foes and all other acquaintances are live examples of how we need to behave and treat each person in our life. The quests for dharma, the path of righteousness are meant for our practice.

This invaluable treasure called SriRamayana has been handed down to us by the Rishi Valmiki who was a contemporary of SriRamapiran. Isn’t it the duty of each citizen of our country to protect and spread the life of Srirama among children? If not for the large purpose of educating the society on the life and valuable lessons to be culled out from Sriramayana, can we not reach the message of the life of SriRama to a few children who may make it a driving and guiding force for the rest of their lives? 

Inline image 1

An inspiring image of Srirama and entourage –Bhadrachalam

Our Trust has been working to reach Sriramayana to the masses since 2006. Children of all ages participate in the Sriramayana competition of conducted by our Trust. Around 25,000 children have already been beneficiaries of the knowledge of Sriramayana.

 The competition is simple and has two stages :
·        First stage – Open book based written exam – Sriramayana book is given. The child has to study it and write the exams with the aid of the book.
·   Second stage – oral exams on the topic of Samkshepa Ramayanam, Special shlokas and Pasurappadi Ramayanam.
The excellent moments of the previous contests captured and preserved in picture frames are here in the link :

This year, the Trust proposes to conduct the contest in the month of November.

Large number of children will join the competition only if we enroll many schools for the competition.

You can be of great aid in taking the name of SriRama to children and enlightening them on greatness of this avatharam of Srimannarayana.


You can do the following  :
·        Approaching schools in your locality and enrolling the children.
·        Taking contact classes for the enrolled children.
·        Participating in the exam as organizers.
An existing volunteer will contact you and be of guidance to you throughout the schedule of the Sriramayana contest.

An hour spent for SriRama will make your entire life auspicious and bring glory to your progeny! Start now!

Those willing to volunteer for Srirama, click the link below and fill in the details :

The vaanaras aided the Lord in building the bridge !

Let us aid in building a good society with Lord Raama-like children !

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Discovering One’s Identity - III

Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

"Discovering One’s Identity" continues...

While this holds good for the self, how ironic then that more desirous of the identity of subservience is the Lord Himself!  Who could He be subservient to, from whom all are manifest, by whom they are sustained and into whom they lapse into?  But by His supreme will and abundant love for His devotees, He lets Himself to become subordinate to His devotees.  While the self gains himself through subordination to Nārāyaṇa, it is as if Nārāyaṇa gains Himself through subservience to His devotees.

In the divyadesam of Thiruppāḍagam, we are enthralled by a magnificent and majestic view of the Lord, His transcendental form sparkling with dominance and mastery over the worlds.  Strangely however, this Supreme Being is not revered as Nārāyaṇa or Kṛṣṇa.  He goes by the dāsya nāma of Pāṇḍava Dūta, the messenger of Pandavas!  He wears this name as an honour shedding insight on His divine and deep relationship with His devotees, that only a devotee can relate to.

As we stand in endless wonder at the Lord showcasing His identity by subordinating Himself to His devotees, we are also met with the sight of the divine servants of the Lord who fulfill the other half of this relationship.  They are as deserving of our worship as He is.  They are the ways through which the Lord reveals the existence of the relationship beyond the books and narratives.

Srimaan Trust honours such people who provide us with insight into our own true selves.  As part of Vidvad-vandanam, this month, we pay our respects to Sri Thirumalai Svami for his enduring Aruliccheyal Kainkaryam at Thiruppāḍagam, to Sri Sridharan Svami of Azhvar Thirunagari for his services at Nanguneri Sri Vanamamalai Mutt and Sri TD Muralidharan Svami of Mumbai for his active propagation of our tradition through discourses, books and other forms of media.  The pictures can be viewed at:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Discovering One’s Identity – II

Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

"Discovering One’s Identity" continues...

The sense of subordination to the Supreme Self comes naturally.  Though we might not realize it and deem ourselves independent, we are subordinate to something or the other every moment of our lives. We are subordinate to habit, to ritual, to customs, to desires, to near and dear ones. The mind invents excuses for such indulgence and creates motivation to engage in these activities.  This state of the mind creates the illusion of independence.

Driven by the forces of sattva, rajas and tamas, the mind and body work in tandem chalking their own course and convincing the deluded self that he is acting in independent interest.  It is only when these courses run awry that the person performs his “reality check”.  When the “reality check” leads one to give up one form of identity and seek another artificial one which is also unreal, history repeats itself.  It is this cycle of repetitive error that we can saṃsāra - evaṃ saṃsṛti chakrasthe svakarmabhiḥ bhṛamyamāṇo jīvaḥ!

It is through the grace of the Lord that one realizes the error and becomes removed from such artificial identities and directs his subordination towards Nārāyaṇa.  He is the aśaraṇya śaraṇyaḥ (the refuge of those who have realized that there is no other refuge), nityāśrayaḥ (the eternal point of submission) and muktānāṃ paramā gatiḥ (the final destination of the liberated).  It is the only place where subordination is natural and meaningful.  Attaining this state of subservience is the purpose of all scripture.