Sunday, August 10, 2014

A call for Raama-rajya!

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

From the days of childhood, each one of us has always looked out for guidance in one form or the other. Be it to play a game, work out an arithmetic problem or read books, some guiding force is always expected to show the correct and best path. The craving for guidance is far higher when we reach the brink of adulthood where options in life pour in and the feeling of responsibility and moral maturity is high. No doubt our parents and elders always guide us. But it is in the nature of humans to carry impressions, prejudices and make wrong judgements which may distort their guidance. Who then is the best guide? The Lord Himself. Each avatharam is meant to drive a point to the earthlings. And among them, the one avatharam solely meant to turn a beacon light for the ocean of humanity is SriRamavatharam. Each stage of the avatharam left clues for humans to follow in their day to day life. The Kalyana Gunas exhibited by LordRama, the beautiful relationship with His father, mother,aunts,brother, Seethapiratti, the subjects of Ayodhya, the rishis of the forest, the vanaras of Kishkinda, the foes and all other acquaintances are live examples of how we need to behave and treat each person in our life. The quests for dharma, the path of righteousness are meant for our practice.

This invaluable treasure called SriRamayana has been handed down to us by the Rishi Valmiki who was a contemporary of SriRamapiran. Isn’t it the duty of each citizen of our country to protect and spread the life of Srirama among children? If not for the large purpose of educating the society on the life and valuable lessons to be culled out from Sriramayana, can we not reach the message of the life of SriRama to a few children who may make it a driving and guiding force for the rest of their lives? 

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An inspiring image of Srirama and entourage –Bhadrachalam

Our Trust has been working to reach Sriramayana to the masses since 2006. Children of all ages participate in the Sriramayana competition of conducted by our Trust. Around 25,000 children have already been beneficiaries of the knowledge of Sriramayana.

 The competition is simple and has two stages :
·        First stage – Open book based written exam – Sriramayana book is given. The child has to study it and write the exams with the aid of the book.
·   Second stage – oral exams on the topic of Samkshepa Ramayanam, Special shlokas and Pasurappadi Ramayanam.
The excellent moments of the previous contests captured and preserved in picture frames are here in the link :

This year, the Trust proposes to conduct the contest in the month of November.

Large number of children will join the competition only if we enroll many schools for the competition.

You can be of great aid in taking the name of SriRama to children and enlightening them on greatness of this avatharam of Srimannarayana.


You can do the following  :
·        Approaching schools in your locality and enrolling the children.
·        Taking contact classes for the enrolled children.
·        Participating in the exam as organizers.
An existing volunteer will contact you and be of guidance to you throughout the schedule of the Sriramayana contest.

An hour spent for SriRama will make your entire life auspicious and bring glory to your progeny! Start now!

Those willing to volunteer for Srirama, click the link below and fill in the details :

The vaanaras aided the Lord in building the bridge !

Let us aid in building a good society with Lord Raama-like children !

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