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Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,


The word upanayanam means to bring near. A child, who reaches the age where his mind settles for streamlined learning (usually 7), is introduced to Supreme Knowledge. He is sent on a mission to know reality, to know oneself and to know the Resident Being within the self. This mission is grandly inaugurated with the sacred thread ceremony. Just as a bird has two births, one from the mother as an egg and then breaking out of the egg, a thrai varnikas have two births, one from the womb of the mother and another from the womb of illusion (Maya of the Supreme).

But a family needs to expend substantial monetary resource for conducting the upanayana ceremony. Unfortunately, some parents find it very difficult to do so due to financial constraints. It is the duty of the society to take up the cause of these children and perform their sacred thread ceremony.

One such effort of the Trust has culminated in the organization of upanayana ceremony of two young bubbling children viz. Sudarshan (10 years old) & Satyanarayanan (17 years old). The children are from Salem.The function was held at Sourashtra chattaram, South Uthra street, Srirangam . The udagashanthi was held yesterday at 5pm in the presence of all the relatives of the children and the volunteers of our Trust. The upanayana ceremony was held today at 9.30am. The entire hall was filled with the divinity of the ceremony and the children were extremely enthusiastic. All their thirst to become brahmacharis as sanctioned by the Sastras was evident from their eyes. 

Inline image 1

Inline image 1 
The holy water from Kumbham being sprinkled on the children. The children just enjoy it!

Inline image 2
Two very happy family of trio 

Hope all such children with financial difficulties are brought to the notice of the Trust by the Lord of Srirangam. The Trust has been fortunate to have organized dharma upanayanams for minimum two children each year. All aasthikas are requested to bless the children with their whole heart Inline image 3. Our Founder Acharya lectured the children and the family on the importance of upanayanam, the life to be led after upanayam and the importance of doing sandhya vandhanam and samithadaanam everyday. The volunteers of the Trust will not stop with conducting the ceremony. They will keep a lifelong check whether the children perform sandhya vandanam thrice a day.

The entire ceremony can be seen here in the link :

Two excellent discourse series on important aspects of Srivaishnavism are being broadcast on two television channels.
  • Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.A.Venkatakrishnan swamy Inline image 4discourses under the title  "NAAL THORUM NAALAYIRAM" (Nalayiram each day) at 7.05 a.m on Podhigai TV from Mon-Fri
  • & "108 DIVYA-DESA VAIBHAVANGAL" on Pudhu Yugam channel at 6.30am on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sri E.S.Satajith Inline image 5 throws glimpses of SriRamayanam at 7.15am on Vendhar TV from Mon-Fri.
All aasthikas are requested to listen to the discourses and  get benefitted.

Sri U. Ve. Dr. M.A. Venkatakrishnan swamy is a scholar of Srivaishnava sampradaya known to one and all. His tutelage under the greatest vidwans of the 20th century, his magazine Geethacharyan, his innumerable upanyasams and Kalakshepams ,rare books unearthed and published by him, his own writings with deep analysis and resonance are all facts well-known to the world of Srivaishnavism. This swamy is celebrating his sashtyabdhapoorthi (60th thirunakshtram) on the 28th of September 2014.

An array of events are proposed from the 11-09-2014 to 28-09-2014 in lieu of the celebration of the sashtaybdhapoorthi.
Our own "Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham" children will be performing under the following events
DATE : 20-09-2014 ; TIME; 6 to 8:30 pm. VENUE : Bharathiyar Hall, Triplicane. 
DANCE : Andal Thirukalyanam
DRAMA : Nanjeeyar Vaibhavam
Edhu Sirandha Kainkaryam
The entire list of events is here in the link :

Also you can see the list of latest Tamil books published by 
Sri U. Ve. Dr. M.A. Venkatakrishnan swamy in the above link.

All aasthikas are requested to attend the above function of our Trust and all the functions organized in celebration of the 60th thirunakshtram.

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