Sunday, September 21, 2014

You've not missed it !

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,
"I was just astounded  when the little Parasara Bhattar came from the entrance of the hall to the stage in that beautiful pallakku with sishyas filling the air with kondattam"

"I kept crying at every scene of the Andal dance drama; it swept my heart"

"Such a performance from such young children is absolutely unbelievable "

These were the comments received for the function of our Trust held on 20/09/14 at Chennai.

Those who missed the live relay can catch up on all the events  here :

Friday, September 19, 2014

triple treat tomorrow for all.

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,
"Sthitha pragnya:" is a term used by the Supreme Lord SriKrishna in SriBhagavath Geetha. The Lord relishes the term and the persons who are indicated by the term. Someone who neither feels disquiet at times of distress nor jumps to the sky at excruciating times. Someone who contemplates the Lord at every act. Such person is a sthitha pragnya. We have heard of such persons. But rarely do we find such men amidst us. One such great being is our own volunteer Sri T. Sampath swamy of Azhwar Thirunagari.
He quit a well-paying software company job to concentrate fully on sampradaya kainkaryam. Despite disapprovals, he stuck firm to this decision and is engaging his entire time servicing one or the other sampradaya institution. Many offers to work poured in. Yet he has politely rejected them with the simple logic "If I work for those companies, who will work for Emperumanar?".
His innovative efforts to reach samprayadam to children have grabbed the attention of the press. Recently, a journalist of "THE HINDU" visited his house and was spell-bound by the creative work done by him and more so by his soft and spiritual demeanor.
Here is the article in Friday Review of The Hindu that appeared today on Sri. Sampath swamy :
TRIPLE TREAT -20/09/14

Inline image 3

A DANCE-DRAMA                                               Inline image 4

All aasthikas  are requested to attend the function without fail.For queries call 09840128785, 09790923211

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Worldwide recognition...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

We are all inflicted with the problem of indecisiveness in major tasks of life. As grown up adults, why is it that we frequently fail to make prompt, proper and long lasting decisions? The two major reasons for indecisiveness is lack of knowledge and fear. Fear is a product of the darkness residing in our hearts due to lack of knowledge. Quite often, we shun a task citing various reasons. But an honest analysis would make us realize that we do not possess enough knowledge to carry out the task till the end. It is for this reason that knowledge is worshipped across the globe.

 “Vidwan sarvatra poojyathae” is the saying. A scholar is venerated at all places. The reason is that he carries knowledge. A scholar holds knowledge that aids clear cut decisions. If the general vidwan has accumulated knowledge of the world, the spiritual scholar holds the key to spiritual enlightenment. The general scholar at least traverses known terrains. The Spiritual master ventures into subtle metaphysics and guides us in the best path toward perennial bliss. Hence, on an auspicious day life Guru-Poornima which is meant to celebrate Gurus, our Trust was honoured to honour Sri Santhanam swamy.

Sri T.S.Santhanam Iyengar swamy is a well-know Vedic pundit residing at Srirangam. Born at Thirukkannangudi divya desam in 1942, his life has been one solely dedicated to Vedic studies. A small sketch of His life is hereunder :

  • Birth : 1942
  • age 7 : upanayana samskraaram
  • 7-11 : Veda adyeyanam at koattur padasalai
  • 11-21 : Veda adyeyanam at mannarkudi padasalai vedam
  • 6 years : adyapaka kainkaryam at mannarkudi Rajagopala Perumal sannidhi
  • 4 years : Further Veda Bashyas at Thirumalai Veda sastra vidya Kendra
  • 9 years : Tutor of Vedas at Srirangan Singamiyengar padasalai
  • From 1986 : adyapakar at Srimath Andavan ashramam

Above all these achievements, SriSanthanam swamy is completely dedicated in performing the Veda parayanam at every purappadu of Namperumal at Srirangam. His indepth analysis of the Vedas with the aid of the Bashyas has been of great use to many students. Swamy is also helping the society with his upadhaya service.

Inline image 1
The children of Gurukulam honoured SriSanthanam swamy with Poorna Kumbha at the entrance . A volunteer of the Trust explained the hardships faced by this swamy to master the Vedas. The children were advised to emulate the hard work of Swamy. Swamy spoke of his childhood days and the efforts he put into learning the Vedas. Despite domestic problems, his mind had always been focused on Vedic studies.

The function ended on a high Vedic note.

The photos of the honour can be viewed here :

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Save tree, save thee....

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

NEED TO PRESERVE Inline image 2

The well being of every individual is dependent upon the environment.  Our ideas, our health, our upbringing and our experiences are largely dictated by the environment we live in.  It is not only important to realize the influence of the environment on our lives but also realize that we bear a responsibility towards maintaining or improving the environment.
The most important agent in any environment is the human being.  Humans, due to their superior intellectual abilities, utilize and control much of the activities in our environment.  So, it becomes imperative that any positive change cannot be effected without the active participation of humans.
The most fundamental of all dependencies of individuals on their environment is in the form of the air they breathe.  We depend on plants for providing us with fresh oxygen.  Plants control pollution and create pleasant surroundings. Fresh oxygen is needed for any individual to act in an effective manner.  Also, it is easier to work in a pleasant ambience.  We have to depend on plants to provide us oxygen and moderate the impact of temperature.  Though the concept is simple, it is crucial to appreciate its importance.  It is the lack of such appreciation that has led to various diseases and inconveniences stemming from disregard for the environment.
Today, plants are being depleted in large numbers.  Trees are regularly cut down to expand houses, or to construct new buildings.  They are also cut for firewood or timber.  One of the most significant requirements for cutting trees is the demand for paper.  The WWF has warned that “Expanding production and pulpwood harvesting threatens some of the last remaining natural forests and the people and wildlife that depend on them”.
Across the globe, there is a greater demand for paper due to expanding schools, businesses, newspapers, magazines and corporations.  Despite the technology advancements the requirement for paper has been on the rise.  Unless we take stock of the situation and separate the wants from the luxuries, we would pave the way for large scale destruction of forests and wildlife.
In order to provide the big picture with focus on paper conservation and planting more trees, the students of ACHARYAH-SCHOOL FOR LEADERS participated in a rally bearing placards with messages on conserving plants.  Plant saplings were planted during the occasion.  In order to create awareness and encourage participation, saplings were also given away as gifts to others. The childern went from home to home and explained the importance of the conservation of trees and the importance of growing plants and gifted the saplings.

Inline image 1
Placards voicing the need to save trees

Inline image 2
Saplings given as gifts to strangers

In today’s information world, let us take the opportunity occasioned by this event to spread awareness about conserving forests, planting trees and saving paper.  Of all the planets known to man, the earth is the only where life not only exists but prospers.  By conserving the environment, let us do our mite in helping earth keep this status for a long time. The little children of Acharyah have done their little part. let us do ours!

The pictures taken during the event can be viewed here :
A video for your visual :