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Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

We are all inflicted with the problem of indecisiveness in major tasks of life. As grown up adults, why is it that we frequently fail to make prompt, proper and long lasting decisions? The two major reasons for indecisiveness is lack of knowledge and fear. Fear is a product of the darkness residing in our hearts due to lack of knowledge. Quite often, we shun a task citing various reasons. But an honest analysis would make us realize that we do not possess enough knowledge to carry out the task till the end. It is for this reason that knowledge is worshipped across the globe.

 “Vidwan sarvatra poojyathae” is the saying. A scholar is venerated at all places. The reason is that he carries knowledge. A scholar holds knowledge that aids clear cut decisions. If the general vidwan has accumulated knowledge of the world, the spiritual scholar holds the key to spiritual enlightenment. The general scholar at least traverses known terrains. The Spiritual master ventures into subtle metaphysics and guides us in the best path toward perennial bliss. Hence, on an auspicious day life Guru-Poornima which is meant to celebrate Gurus, our Trust was honoured to honour Sri Santhanam swamy.

Sri T.S.Santhanam Iyengar swamy is a well-know Vedic pundit residing at Srirangam. Born at Thirukkannangudi divya desam in 1942, his life has been one solely dedicated to Vedic studies. A small sketch of His life is hereunder :

  • Birth : 1942
  • age 7 : upanayana samskraaram
  • 7-11 : Veda adyeyanam at koattur padasalai
  • 11-21 : Veda adyeyanam at mannarkudi padasalai vedam
  • 6 years : adyapaka kainkaryam at mannarkudi Rajagopala Perumal sannidhi
  • 4 years : Further Veda Bashyas at Thirumalai Veda sastra vidya Kendra
  • 9 years : Tutor of Vedas at Srirangan Singamiyengar padasalai
  • From 1986 : adyapakar at Srimath Andavan ashramam

Above all these achievements, SriSanthanam swamy is completely dedicated in performing the Veda parayanam at every purappadu of Namperumal at Srirangam. His indepth analysis of the Vedas with the aid of the Bashyas has been of great use to many students. Swamy is also helping the society with his upadhaya service.

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The children of Gurukulam honoured SriSanthanam swamy with Poorna Kumbha at the entrance . A volunteer of the Trust explained the hardships faced by this swamy to master the Vedas. The children were advised to emulate the hard work of Swamy. Swamy spoke of his childhood days and the efforts he put into learning the Vedas. Despite domestic problems, his mind had always been focused on Vedic studies.

The function ended on a high Vedic note.

The photos of the honour can be viewed here :

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