Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Food Insights...

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Cooking is an art and as a swami put it, "it is a srivaishnava lakshanam".  A Srivaishnava only consumes what has been offered to the dear Lord resident in his house.  Knowing to cook enables the devotee to serve the Lord by cooking delicious food.  He also does not have to rely on too many quick fixes and outside sources to satisfy his needs.

And there are lessons from cooking.  To prepare good food, all the ingredients must be mixed to the exact proportions.  Each ingredient adds a different taste and flavour to the meal and it is the combination of flavours that results in the perceived taste.  The perfect taste cannot be achieved by over-cooking or under-cooking, by adding excessive and less of ingredients.  It is a delicate process of balancing the various constituents that make up the final preparation.  That offers us a most important lesson in life - to be conscious of maintaining the balance.  Extreme indulgence and complete indifference are both dangerous, and can have a telling effect on the both the health of the individual and the quality of life.

The world wants us to indulge and take us away from this balance.  It takes various forms to tell us how nice it would be to spend a good deal of time in a particular adventure or retreat.  We are met on all sides by messiahs who proclaim that they have the solution to our problems (some we did not know even existed before we were told of them!).  They are all interested in our goodness of status, wellness of person and a life without care (as long as we can remember the passwords).  And yet many a time, we end up in our lives the same way as we did being very generous with the salt while cooking.  Some things are taken for granted; on the other side we feel we are getting too much of other things.  There are too many variables and few constants.  One takes the help of the Lord (the Great Constant) who delicately poised the mountain Mandhara on His back.  Our Vedic scriptures teach us that the Lord is the great balancer.  He is the fulcrum on which the world of sentient souls and non-sentient objects is pivoted.  He is unperturbed by what seems to be a ceaseless turbulence.
To infuse a semblance of balance is no easy task and none would disagree who have had to do the balancing.  It needs to happen on several levels and must be done meticulously for extended periods of time.  We need to identify the areas where we have the opportunity to get involved and make an impact.

We had one such opportunity to balance……

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL),  the power plant equipment manufacturer conducted an exhibition at Trichy showcasing various commercial products - the manifestations of the wonders that emerged from creative impulse of humankind. 

Our Srimaan Trust participated in this exhibition by setting up a stall to add the spiritual flavour - to deliver that oft forgotten thought that behind these manifestations of the mind exists the inspiration of the Lord.
​ While engaging in material indulgences, the world should always be reminded of its spiritual roots.

Inline image 1
The volunteers of our Trust explaining facts of our Sampradayam and the tasks taken up by our Trust 
Any object has purpose only when it is put into its context.  The wonders of mankind need that context without which they would be taken to constitute meaning that does not lead to actuation of its true value.  It would be as if the best food ever conc
eptualized had no helping of salt.  It is important to understand that meaning. That salt is not optional.  Usher in the divine.

​All the pictures of the stall are here in the link :​

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