Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Lady Rescuer...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The external world so powerfully overwhelms our senses that we often lose touch with the core self. A man who is so deep in this samsara starts doubting many fundamental aspects of existence. Our sampradayam is called Vishishtadvaitam. The three fundamental units of our siddhantham are Eshwara( God), Chit( sentient – living beings) and Achit ( insentient –nonliving) . But the Chit and Achit are so closely bonded from the very beginning of Srishti that we find it hard to see them different. Unless someone tells us that the athma (soul) and the shareera(body) are different, that the eternal athma is merely encased in the constantly transforming body, that the death of the body does not mean the death of the athma…………..we take it for granted that both are the same. Such has been the bosom chumminess of chit and achit ! Our Acharyas give a beautiful example to explain this. A visit to the shop of the blacksmith would reveal that he melts precious and other metals and beats them into customer-chosen ornaments. The blacksmith diligently places the absolutely solid and inflexible iron on the fire. Initially, the iron is well visible to the eyes and one can differentiate it from the fire. But as time passes, we’ll be amazed to see that the iron isn’t visible at all! The fire and its flames alone are visible. This does not mean the iron has vanished! The iron still remains at the same position. But the constant exposure to the fire dissolves its personality and makes it look like fire. Similar are chit and achit.

To drive away these ignorance and instill in the mind of humans that the aim of chit and achit is to be in servitude to the Supreme Progenitor, Andal Devi took birth at Srivilliputtur, Tamil Nadu. Her untainted love for Lord Krishna, true spiritual leadership in guiding her fellow companions unto the feet of Lord and the composition of beautiful Tamizh verses have endeared her to all Spiritual aspirants.

The children of our Gurukulam celebrated the Tiruvadi Poora (birth day of Andal Nachiar ) mahotsavam with great enthusiasm. Following Her footsteps, the children rose early morning, bathed chanting the verses dedicated to Cauvery and set out to gather the accessories for thirumanjanam. A saerthi thirumanjanam of Kasturi Rangan (Gurukulam deity) and Andal was elaborately conducted with the reverberations of the Vedic chants followed by Divya Prabandha Sevai. While one segment of the children were engaged in the thirumanjanam, the others were inside the kitchen preparing special Akkara-adisil and the special course meal for the birthday Girl and Her Husband!

Inline image 1
Thirumanjanam being performed for Kasturi Rangan and AndalNachiar

Andal was beautifully bedecked in ornaments and the Garland worn by her was offered to the Lord who, crimson in thirumukham out of happiness, accepted it delightfully.

Inline image 2
Andal Devi with Kasturi Rangan

Evening saw the recitation of Nachiar Thirumozhi ( the second outpouring of Andal Nachiar). The little Birthday Devi was then put to Sayanam at night.

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