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Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,
A Prapanna (one who unswervingly aims to attain salvation), after his pancha samskaara (the ritual of being recognized as a prapanna by a Realized soul), should pass his time till attainment of  paramapadha, by doing Bhagawath, Bhaagavatha, Acharya kainkaryam. Though Kainkaryam is divided into 3 types, all of them are ultimately meant to appease the Supreme God since doing Kainkaryam to Bhaagavatha  or acharya is also for the Preethi of the Lord. Kainkaryam to the Bhagawan in a direct manner has certain restrictions. Not everyone can avail the same. But Kainkaryam to His adiyars and one’s acharyan has no strings attached whatsoever.
A few souls are very fortunate to be eligible for direct Kainkaryam of Perumal. But mere eligibility need not make a person a devoted kainkaryasri. One has to “Perform” kainkaryam. Kainkaryam to the Lord at temples is not an easy affair. It requires enormous amount of physical and mental strength. Above all, absolute love and commitment towards the Lord is a pre-requisite.
Sri M.M Srinivasan Swamy of Melkote, born in 1952 is one such devoted kainkaryaparar. Born into Mudumbai vamsam, he mastered the Divya-Prabandham from his father (who was a great scholar in Sanskrit and then Principal of the acclaimed Melkote Sanskrit University; a wonderful master of the Divya Prabandhams too). His youth was spent in attending the temple kainkaryams as well as spending time at the Revenue Department for Jeevanam. He recently joined the Adhyapaka kainkaryam (Divya Prabandha recitation) at Melkote temple. On normal days, he spends 3 hours at the temple. During utsava times, which is more frequent than normal days, he spend 8-10 hours at the temple. This swamy was recently honoured by our Trust. Let us Pray Lord  Thirunaranan to give him complete strength in the vocal cord to carry out such kainkaryam!
The lesson we should learn from this swamy is that we need to select a kainkaryam which is Pleasurable to Bhagawan and perform it incessantly. Kainkaryam is the only act which implies that we still remember the day of our Pancha Samskaaram and the vow to serve the Lord! Remember the link.
Click her for the photos of the honour :

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