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In distress..a friend...

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

During the last days of Svami Maraneri Nambi, he became incapable of even thinking about the Lord. This plunged Svami Periya Nambi in worry.  

Seeing his preceptor in worry, Svami Emperumanar reminded him of Varaha Charamaslokam. The Lord manifest as Varaha Nayanar had promised that He never forgets a devotee who has meditated or remembered Him during the days of good health. He remembers his devotee and saves him even during his failing days, when he is incapable of remembering the Lord.

Periya Nambi replied that Varaha Perumal is extra-ordinarily favourable to His devotees – like Ramanuja himself. But, is His position affirmed elsewhere in a more moderate context?

Emperumanar replied that the same position is reiterated by Lord Krishna in the Gita. He declares in the 9th chapter – “My devotee is never wasted.” Also, He says in the fourth chapter that those who know the truth of His incarnations and exploits is never born again. The devotee who has realized the truth of the Lord reaches the Lord Himself.

Listening to these words of Emperumanar, Periya Nambi was relieved.

This episode is narrated in the commentary of the 29th hymn of Thiruppavai to favour the advice of remembering the Lord in the wee hours of dawn.

The month of Margazhi is also the month in which Svami Periya Nambi incarnated. His life and times were remembered by Srimaan Trust as is done every year.
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Three students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam discoursed on glories of Svami Periya Nambi. Sri Satajit Svami also delivered a discourse. The function was graced by Sri Vaishnava Sri Krishnamachariar Svami and Sri Ilayavilli Sriraman Svami.  The pictures taken during this function can be viewed at

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