Friday, February 6, 2015

Confluence of real & abstract ....

Srimate ramanujaya namaha

Priya arangan adiyar,

A King once asked a group of artists to draw a portrait of Lord Rama. All of them came forward to undertake the task. The Kind stopped them & asked who among them can draw Raama Bhakthi. The painters had learned the art of portraying the visible. But they pondered how to portray an abstract emotion as Bhakthi? One widely read artist accepted the challenge. He completed the portrait and presented it to the King. It was the portrait of Bharatha. The artist had beautifully equated Raama Bhakthi and Bharatha.

Can you guess who the equivalent of Krishna Bhakthi is? No one who lived during Lord Krishna’s time! Though there were many love-laden devotees of Lord Krishna, the very personification of His Bhakthi took birth on the Banks of Tamiraparani in Tamil Nadu. It was the leader of the Prapannas, Sri Nammazhwar.

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One who has love at the Feet of Nammazhwar is deeply loved Lord SrimanNarayana Himself.

Sri Satakopan swamy , a namesake of Swamy Nammazhwar lives at Srirangam. He has been devotedly serving Nammazhwar Sannidhi @ Srirangam for the past 10 years. Come what may, he seldom stays away from kainkaryam.

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He was honoured by our Trust under the "SANNIDHI VANDANAM" scheme.

Click here for the photos of the honour.

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