Friday, March 25, 2016


Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Bhaktha Kolahalan Swamy:

Known as Thirukovalur  Kolahalan  is a B.Com Graduate. He hails from Thirukovalur and he performs  sannidhi  Kainkaryam in His home town.  He Learnt  to perform  Kalakshepams from  M A Venkatakrishnan Swamy and is performing Upanyasams throughout Tamilnadu. He has made Upanyasams so simple that it can reach a Common Man.  He has dedicated  His Life for  sri Vaishnava  Sampradhayam.

Puttur Raghuraman Swamy:

Great stalwarts of Puttur and Srirangam have coached him on Srivaishnavism. He is a scholar of Sanskrit and Tamil. The urge to qualitatively contribute to sampradayam led him to start an excellent Magazine. Despite financial bottlenecks, he sees to that the magazine is delivered at the doorsteps of subscribers on the 1st of every month .

SriVallaban Swamy:

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,


Madurai Jegannathan Bagawathar:

Officially   Known  as  Sri . S. Jegannath, M.A, M.Phil, P.hD   is an Assistant Professor of  Tamil in the Madura College, Madurai.  He has learnt Kalakshepam  from  Madurai.  Arangarajan  Swamy for 8 years. He is highly  qualified  in  conventional  education and  sampradhayam .  He dedicates his week ends   and free time for Upanyasams  and  Kalakshepams.

Madhavan – srimaan bhattar gurukulam student

Madhavan is a resident of  Srimaan  Bhattar  Gurukulam  for 6 years. He has completed   X std in  conventional  education  with  flying  colours  and is blossoming as a  budding  star  in Upanyasams.  He   Performed the series of  Upanyasam in this  Margazhi  Organised  by our trust.  His proficiency in  pramaanams  is indeed a living proof  for the quality of our Gurukulam.  He hails from Thirucherai.  He is excelling in Aagamam.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

It is that period of the time in a year where ‘money spent’ could actually mean ‘savings’ unlike the usual money spent = expenditure. Bhaaratham, the land of mystics, has always been a giver to the world. From gifting precious philosophies to the world, it has also held in its bosom, refugees from across the world, thus giving them life and hope. “Paropakaaratham idham shareeram” “This body is meant for service” is not a mere dogmatic saying of the Indian Land. Our own ancestors have lived by the saying. The sastric pearls revealed by the Supreme Being through the Rishis have been weaved together with the fine thread of paropakaram. As per the sastras, the day should begin with feeding the sparrows and other birds in and around the house. The early morning “kolam” laid at the entrance of the house has an embedded purpose of providing food to the ants and other tiny creatures. From dawn till dusk, every act has been designed to include a concealed ‘selfless service’. In service, our society basked in happiness.

The makers of the Indian constitution, though did not capture the true spirit of selfless service in entirely, have given a small space for it in the form of tax savings against donations. For this, they have set a framework of rules within the Income Tax Act,1961. Contribution to Trusts having 80G registration can alone enjoy tax exemption/deduction.

Our Srimaan Trust has registration under 80G. Any contribution to the Trust is eligible for 80G deduction. It is to be noted that the contribution should be made within 31.03.2016 for availing the deduction for 2015-16. 
Seldom do acts come with multiple benefits. But your contribution to the Trust will:

 Save you income tax and help retain your money with you. Money in your hand is worth thousands with the Income Tax Department.

 Bring smile in the faces of hundreds of children fed and looked after by the Trust.

 Turn your donation into an investment in the heart of the Supreme Being from where your spouse, son, daughter will receive perpetual dividends in the form of good grades, excellent health, worthy jobs and overall prosperity.

 Set you apart from the average man who thinks only of himself neglecting the needy.

Considering such multiple benefits in the offing, WE EARNESTLY REQUEST YOU TO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR TRUST!

You can :

Ø EASIEST  Make account transfer at the click of a mouse to :
A/C No: 6125 01 123322

Ø   EASIER – Send us a cheque addressed to :
Srimaan Trust
231, South Uthara Street, Srirangam Trichy - 620 006.
Ph: 9150403470

Ø   EASY  Our volunteers are spread across four southern states. Just drop in a mail and we can seek possibility of a personal meet to collect your contribution if the volunteer lives in and around your place.

Come to Srirangam for the auspicious Panguni Uthra utsavam from to, worship the divine pair and visit our trust.


Sunday, March 13, 2016


Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Nowadays, the world is very fast-paced in which we have very limited time to give attention to certain fundamental aspects of life. The quest of our life is not just academic excellence and achievements in career. Education without values rather turns man into a devil. With an intention to offer value based education for children, a spiritual camp, absolutely free for all, was organized by out trust at Srirangam and Thuraiyur., from 25th Dec 2015 to 1st Jan. 2016. Around 500 children participated.

The camp is aimed at the following motives:-
  • Teach children to respect parents, teachers and elders
  • Enlighten children about righteous path (dharma)
  • Inculcating values, morals and discipline among children
  • Make the children understand the benefits of following our tradition
  • Provide opportunity for children to use their vacation time productively

The inaugural function of the camp was held on 25th December 2015. The inaugural function at Srirangam was presided over by SriVaishnavaSri Sri U.Ve Krishnamachari Swamy, Sri U.Ve Parasara Azhagiyasinga Bhattar Swamy The camp was inaugurated at Thuraiyur by Sri U.Ve Periyanambi Sundararajan Swamy and Sri U.Ve. Elayavilli Kannan Swamy and East Renga matriculation school HM Sri Saivaraj. The theme of this camp was based on showing respect and devotion towards parents, teachers, elders and God. Following is a glimpse of the camp activities.

The photos can be viewed at:

Matru devo bhava - Show respect to mother
The children were taught about personalities who attained great position in life by respecting their mother. The children performed pada puja for their mother.

Pitru devo bhava - Show respect to father

The children learned about role models in our scriptures who were known for respecting their father. The children paid respect to their father by performing pada puja.

Acharya devo bhava- Show respect to teacher

It is very imperative to be devoted to our teachers who impart us knowledge. The children venerated their teachers (Acharyas) by performing pada puja

Athithi devo bhava - Show respect to elders (guests)

The children learnt that they show reverence to the guests who come to their home. They performed pada puja for guests who arrived at the camp.

Deva devo bhava - Show respect to God

The children learnt the stories of great personalities who were immensely devoted to God I their lives. Being inspired by their life stories, the children offered their obeisance to Emperuman by decorating the idol of their deities (deity alankaram).

There were several activities and contests as a part of the camp. Some of them are listed below.

Role play

Role play is a short skit like activity where children enact a short sequence. The children get into the character being portrayed and use it to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a topic. There was also a role play competition.

Still competition

In this contest, the children depict certain scene or event through some still posture. The team which depicts the event clearly would win the contest. Here are some pictures.


If learning is merely through books, its application becomes questionable. Learning can be enhanced through projects and activities. So the children also made projects during the camp to display what they had learnt.

Veedhi Pradakshinam

The students learnt to chant Thiruppavai during the camp. They chanted these hymns and circumambulated the Chithra veedhi in Srirangam. Even the children at Thuraiyur did Veedhi pradakshinam. Here are some pictures.

Alankaram Competition

Valedictory function

On the concluding day of the camp, i.e., on 1st January 2016, various cultural programmes were performed by the students at Srirangam and Thuraiyur. The function at Srirangam was presided over by Sri U.Ve Periyanambi Sundararajan Swamy, Sri U.Ve Raghunathan Swamy, Sri U.Ve Parasara Azhagiyasinga Bhattar Swamy and Sri K.N.Srinivasan. The Headmaster of Chowdambika school, Thuraiyur was the chief guest for the valedictory function held at Thuraiyur. The students performed dance, mime play, music and various other activities.

Like the previous years, even this spiritual camp has been organized free of cost for children from all walks of life irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion. Several parents and students were inspired by this camp and appreciated this effort. Such an initiative has been possible due to the support of donors and well-wishers like you.

Training the Mind

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Our mind is like a lake that gets perturbed depending on the nature of the circumstance. It is excited by fear, anxiety, worry, merriment or joy depending on the occasion. Our acharyas advised us to keep good company because the sentiments evoked by devotees tend to direct the mind towards the truth and cultivate noble values. For the same reason, they advised us to keep away from avarice. Today even modern science confirms that the circuits in the brain that get re-inforced often have a propensity to get triggered again in the future. If we cultivate the right habits and nurture the right values, our mind becomes more inclined to behave and think in like ways in the future also.

The Lord offers this opportunity at redemption by introducing us to the preceptor or acharya. The acharya provides guidance to nurture the individual in noble ways. The acharya also creates opportunity for the individual to find himself/herself in circumstances that enhance mental occupation with the divine. It is therefore a very great moment when an acharya himself provides an opportunity to celebrate and creates the context for engaging in spiritual activities.

Srimaan Trust recently participated in the celebrations of the Shatamana Utsavam of His Holiness Sri U.Ve.(vaikuntavasi) Parasara Sudarsana Bhattar svami. Our Founder Acharya had his first kalakshepams under the Holy Feet of THIS MAHATMA. With heart-felt joy it is to be noted here that this great Swamy gave away prizes to Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham students on its first year of completion, which happened 16 years before.

NOW, HIS 100th year celebration is celebrated in a grand manner at Srirangam from 1st Dec 2015 to 4th Dec 2015. Spiritual discourses, goshti, tirumanjanam etc were conducted by the organisers of this function. The festival involved active participation from all wings of Srimaan Trust -Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam, Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham and Aacharya school. The divine kids of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham chanted Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam. They also conducted a dance programme on Andal and Kalinga Narthana Vaibhavam. A drama was presented which showcased the highlights from Sri Svami's life to offer chance of learning lessons for a spiritually oriented life. There were also music programmes. The students of Aacharya school and Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham participated in a debate on the relative significance of the Lord and the acharya.

It is no doubt true that the mind must be cultivated in good ways. It is even more important to do it early in life when it is more receptive. By these activities, the young participants in the above events will assuredly find themselves trained in the noble ways of tradition, and equip themselves to handle the distractions of the world.

The pictures taken during these events can be viewed at

Good times in Spiritual Life

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The fog of winter is at its thickest. The darkness of the night appears to have done the brightness of the day for good. As comrades, the fog and night have proclaimed their victory over all universe.
In that moment of victory, the flag of solitude has been raised on every tower. The grand highways fade into memory and go out of sight. No one knows which way one goes, or who else is there.
This melancholy sight is too much to bear. How much patience and will, limited as they are, can be summoned in the wake of such overwhelming gloom! The lamp is flickering with its last drops of oil. It is not clear how long it will hold. Its range is short, and every shrinking.
Then there is a sudden surprise, a suddenness bearing the signature of the divinity in nature.
The first rays of the sun of spring burst forth from the horizon. The paths present their borders. The fog runs like a man gone broke. The first flower of spring begins to bud. The birds of spring begin singing sweet melodies. They announce the arrival of the grand season with all its beauty and hope. The redness of the dawn sky proclaims the love of the sun to gladden the earth and bring upon it all color and life.
Hanuman (Thiruvadi), whose Jayanthi was celebrated recently, is the first ray of the Sun of Raghava announcing the good days to come to Sita. The gloom of Ravana and the pessimism of demonesses fade away. The lonely voice of Trijata sounds louder and more meaningful than ever. The signet ring (kanai aazhi) is the first bloom of spring. The land of danger is going to change into the land of wonder for the good Vibhishana will rule.
Change is near! Joy is to come!
We hear the announcement of this spring every day as Hanuman sanctifies the spring (Vasanta Nagar) of Srirangam in the Kanaiyazhi Anjaneyar Koil. Srimaan Trust has taken the responsibility to perform justice to the celebration of this spring of our spiritual lives.
The trust performs Purusha Sukta homam at this temple all through the week, while also performing Sri Sukta homam on Fridays and Sudarsana homam on Saturdays.
Hanuman symbolizes the spiritual awakening of the soul. He is the herald proclaiming the victory of the Lord over the darkness of ignorance and hopelessness. He is flag of success crowning the victory of Krishna and Arjuna over the misdemeanours of unrighteousness. We invite all of you to join us in the sustained worship of this immense spiritual figure.
The photos of our activities at this temple can be viewed at this


When we wish to attain a certain end, it is for us to put a foot forward, make that crucial leap, tread that tedious path and bear all the hardships. The germination of a wish in our mind is only the beginning. This is how the normal world functions. But in the world where we realize and regard the presence of Sriman Narayana, laws change. The wishes of Bhakthas are taken up by the Lord for execution.
Our SRIMAAN TRUST's "THIRUPPAVAI PERUVIZHAA (UPANYASAMS)" turned out to be a memorable event last year. At the end of last year’s Thiruppavai and Thondin aaradhanai, we made a wishful thinking that the following year should have atleast 7 thiruppavai upanyasams. The wish was taken up by the Supreme Being and this year it has materialized into 8 Thiruppavai upanyasams at different places. The upanyasakars are a mix of young and elderly scholars.
Srirangam – Sri U.Ve.Bharathan swamy :

The locals of Srirangam are very familiar with this swamy. Young and wisdom filled, he completed education at Chennai. While pursuing the final stage of a professional course, a spark occurred in him and he chose the path of spirituality. Completing his Shiromani at Chennai, he settled in Srirangam to undergo kalakshepams at the feet of revered scholars. His daily life is filled with teaching and kalakshepams.
Tirupavai occupies a unique stage in our Srivaishnava sampradayam. The 30 pasurams are always sung in the month of Margazhi in the nook and corner of our Bharata Desam. Even it got extended in foreign countries where Srivaishnavas reside. The truth behind Andal words “Engum tiruvarul Petru Inburuvar” is seen in the whole world. Do you know the age of Andal when she sung Tirupavai? She was only 5 years! But fully matured in Bhakti! Hence, even now we are able to see kutti adiyars singing tirupavai in the early morning, circumambulating the Sanidis.
Our Srimaan Trust always willing to create platform for youngsters to perform. Hence, we are really fortune to organize the whole month upanyasam of Sri U. Ve. Srivallaban Swamy at Tambaram.
Chennai – Tambaram- Sri U.Ve.SriVallaban swamy :

SriVallaban swamy is the son of Sri U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan swamy. Having secured his Masters in Social Work, he joined TVS as HR for employment. He has given over 1000 speeches during his Under and Post Graduation period and has received award from the Union Finance Minister under the ‘Kamban Kazhagam’ banner. During his college days, he adopted a village filled with drunkard men. Due to these men, their children suffered and no school had 100% pass percentage. SriVallaban swamy went with a battalion of students and in a year made all the children complete their 10th and 12th standards. SriVallaban swamy has undergone kalakshepams under his revered father/scholar. The Tiruppavai upanyasam of Sri Srivallaban swamy is organized by Srimaan Trust and Azhagiya Manavalamamunigal kainkarya sabha.
Srivilliputtur - Sri U.Ve.Vinjimoor Venkatachariar swamy :

Sri Venkatachariar swamy, better known as Vinjimoor swamy is an acharya purusha of Srivilliputtur. His initial years of education were at Singam Iyangar paatashala. He joined the Mylapore Sanskrit college and obtained a shiromani in Vyakarana. He further secured an M.A in Sankrit at Vivekananda college,Mylapore,Chennai. The entire period of education was interspersed with Kalakshepams under his father/acharyan. He later learnt all the granthas under his Father. And from 2008, he began teaching the works of Azhwars and Acharyas online. His teaching begins at 7:30 a.m to 1p.m and resumes at 3p.m and goes on till 10p.m. The beneficiaries of his classes live across the globe. It is indeed a great inspiration for all to see a young swamy perform such dedicated selfless kainkaryam.
Manachanalur - Sri U.Ve.Raghavan swamy :

Sri Raghavan swamy is an elderly person living at Tiruvelarai, serving Sri Pundarikaaksha Perumal doing daily goshtis and utsavams. He began listening to kalakshepams at an advanced age. He underwent rigorous training under the guidance of Sri. U. Ve. Vidwan Narasimhachariar swamy, Sri. U. Ve. Tirumalacharia swamy, Sri. Thiruppullani Sundararajan swamy and other vidwans. At this age of 69, he assented to our request and has begun Tiruppavai at Manachanalur, a beautiful village which is around 17 kilometers from Srirangam.

Divine Evening

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,
Launch of the 3rd book STOLEN HOPE in the SRIRAMAYANA: GAME OF LIFE series by Shubha Vilas.
Chief guest Shri Badri Battar Swamy from Srirangam, spoke eloquently on the SRIRAMAYANA, reciting verses and giving some insightful and inspiring explanations and praised the book and its truthful content.
It was a very attentive and engrossed audience. On the whole a very good and complete event!
Badri Bhattar Swami declared to the audience that this was the most authentic and well written book series on the SriRamayana.

Everyone Should PURCHASE AND Read THIS BOOK.
Kindly see the video link of the book launch: